Marketing, if you say marketing most will take it as traditional marketing. But there is another marketing genre and that is digital marketing. Why everyone is learning digital marketing these days? We will talk over that affair for 5 reasons. Simply, it will be very facile to understand by the different, why digital marketing, not the traditional marketing?

Okay, The first reason for that deservedness I’ll say is

1) the approach of product promotion, generally, traditional marketing exerts Television Advertisement, Banner, sometimes radio (was a very old approach, may not use for that time), Broadcast, Door to Door, Sponsorship, Newspaper, Print advertisement, magazine, and other people hand mediums. On the other hand, digital marketing exerts digital promotion approaches for instance websites (making SEO, rank website at SERP), PPC (pay-per-click) a genre of banner advertisement at Google SERP (search engine result page) gets a huge number of clicks for placing or position, SEM (search engine marketing) is a paid genre strategy to increase search visibility, Brands pay for ads to appear as a search result on search engine result page, SMM (social media marketing) a fine place or tactic to deliver anyone’s business in front of the largest audiences eyes, mobile marketing a perfect strategy to promote anyone’s business with applications, emails, mobile-friendly websites and more. The search engine also helps to promote escort service agencies in Dhaka and they are getting the best Google result for that.

Besides these, all approach digital marketing has numerous more approaches for instance CPA (cost-per-action), CPC (cost-per-click), and many more digital device friendly promotional approaches. After all these descriptions a question alters, why digital marketing promotion approaches are better? Okay, the retort is; when you have all your needs in one Android mobile phone in your hand, why will you go to watch television or read the newspaper today? My aspiration, may my retort satisfies you. Reason number

2) Cost-effective condition, If anybody asks me which marketing tactic is cost-effective, gently I’ll say digital marketing, cause there is a proverb, the more customer the more sale and the more profit, as digital marketing can collect numerous traffic by advertising strategies so digital marketing wines.

Reason number 3) Difficultness of measure, in that case, traditional marketing fails, digital marketing is super facile to measure, there are numerous tools inside the internet for digital marketing analytics.

Reason number 4) Brand Building, building a brand is a very difficult task for traditional marketing, but building a brand on digital marketing is efficient and fast as digital marketing has numerous tools and strategies (a digital marketing expert is just enough for any digital marketing problems).

Reason number 5) Increases revenue, it’s not an affair what was the budget? Or how big or tiny a business you are holding or running? Digital marketing helps you to boost your company or business easily (it can be paid or non-paid selection of promotion). That’s why digital marketing is getting learned by people like insane all over the world.

How learning digital marketing could save your money and time

Do you know about the most powerful tool for your business that can save your money and time both together? Not one after one. If you already guessed then fine, if you don’t then the name of the tool is the internet. Yeah, one of the most powerful tools for any kind of business you are holding or running, no matter it’s tiny or huge. With the change of time, many things have changed so has technology. Whoever thought we will able to see something on the screen, now we use a screen touch working android phone.

Okay, the marketing promotes using the internet or digital mediums such as mobile phones, the desktop is digital marketing. Digital marketing has some more names, internet marketing, online marketing, web marketing. Now, let’s discuss how digital marketing saves your money and time both together? In traditional marketing, you need to hire workers for many propose such as workers for calculation, a worker for business measurement, a worker for advertisement, a worker for the sponsor, a worker for door-to-door promotion, and more. You need to wage them every month, not a little, a good amount.

After that, your traditional business is cost risky because every business stands on the base of ROI (return of investment). If you invest amounts at your traditional business you can get a good return or maybe not it depends on hand-to-hand promotion. But if we take a look at digital marketing strategies, you will astonish and you will say wow, digital marketing is a very cost-effective marketing tactic so no chance of money goes down risk on digital marketing. Digital marketing enlarges your ROI which means the return of investment.

As a traditional marketer, make assume how much customer knows about your business or how much fame have you collected for your brand by investing money behind all traditional advertisement holders such as newspaper, TV, or magazine? To be honest, Digital marketing makes your business more visible to people with many digital tactics that work for very low cost and most of them have a lifetime effect on your website such as SEO (search engine optimization).

Thinking about what will happen to business measurement on digital marketing? Nothing to worry about, there are numerous business analysis tools for your digital business measurement and these are free of cost, some may ask for money, that only for additional features, as your need you can buy or use the free version as well. Social media is a free medium to make real-time connections with customers.

You can make your customer updated for any new product you out with social pages free of cost. No need for extra time to be spent behind extra work or effort. Look at the most successful marketer, they do not runes like insane or work so hard but get better than a traditional marketer. The hidden strategy for marketing is digital marketing that helps you get higher of success with lower of afford. It saves both the time and money of a businessman.