Many believe that cats eat too much.

We either buy the dry cat food in tins, or we purchase it and give it to our fluffy feline friends. We assume they are fussy if they refuse to eat the food. We can change the flavor of the cat food, add more ingredients, or even alter the brand.

We tend to discover that cats are not fussy. Cats are simply following their genes which dictates that fluffy food must contain certain food groups. A cat can tell if it doesn’t have the nutrients it needs and will hunt for them until it finds “the right combination”.

It’s wrong.

Cat food should be balanced to provide healthy, normal-sized fluffy. It is important to understand what your cat is eating so that they have a healthy diet.

Sometimes, our mad rush to make our cat happy and ensure that it gets the best food sometimes leads to mistakes.

These are the 8 best tips for giving your cat the best food. They will also help with cat health.

1- Never give fluffy dog food. It is not recommended for cats and can lead to fatal or chronic illnesses. These include night blindness, vitamin deficiencies, and vitamin deficiency.

2- Never give too much vitamin A. This could lead to hair loss and sterility.

3. Never give raw fish. They have enzymes that can break down vitamin B1 and can even cause little fluffy.

4- Cats can drink canned food, but they should always have fresh water.

5- Cats will not eat litter that isn’t in their litter box.

6- Enlarge: They are very independent animals and get worried if their food is being disturbed. How much the cat will eat depends on where it is located, whether there are other cats nearby, and how distracting they might be. A cat may not eat for up to seven days in a boarding home.

7- Vitamins and minerals are not necessary as supplements unless the vet tells you otherwise. As long as the cat eats a balanced diet.

8- A treat shouldn’t contain more than 20% fluffy s.

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