Architecture is the process of making different structures. It is not a stretch to say it is an art of imagination which allows architects to use their imagination to construct impressive structures. However, it’s important to point out that architecture isn’t just about imagination, however there are certain rules of science to follow when making different structures.

People require a space to live in. That’s the reason architecture is used. People require places to eat, live and take a break, but they cannot build everything themselves. They require someone who understands how to build structures that conform to science-based rules. That’s why an architect student can help them.

In the field of architecture, it is the job of an architect to blend different design choices to design a building that is within budget. As budget constraints can be issues, it’s crucial for architects to think about the entire project within a budget. It means that architecture isn’t just about building structures, but it’s equally about knowing the amount of funds you will need to finish the project.

If you dig deeper into the specifics of architecture, you will discover that everything happens in a planned fashion. Making a design isn’t an easy tasks. There are a lot of complexities and technical issues that need to be taken into account prior to beginning the entire building process. In general, the process begins by creating a schematic designs. This is the beginning step where sketch sketches of the design are drawn for the designer. The list of products and materials is made during this stage.

Following this phase of architecture The next stage follows with the development of designs. This is the stage where the sketches created in the earlier phases are transformed into actual drawings. This also includes checking the specifications set by regulatory bodies. When this phase is completed, the second phase of the architecture process an entire project plan is compiled.

After the complete development of the design The next step is to write a the project manual. The manual will contain information on the specifications that will be finalized. This is the stage where these documents are created that serve as legal documents. After this particular phase of architecture it’s moment to purchase all the necessary materials and products for construction work.

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