Many AI or Artificial Intelligence software programmers, computer scientists, and respected futurists believe we are at the dawn of a whole new age in information technology, one which surpasses all the most optimistic predictions of future computer technology from previous brilliant minds. It is believed that soon artificial intelligence will surpass human intelligence by such a large degree that even the eminent creative geniuses will not be able to hold a candle to it. Is this so, can this really be happening and if so how soon are we talking?

Well, much sooner than you think, as computers have already beat the world’s best chess player and artificial intelligent decision-making software appears to be better and making decisions with a higher percentage of better outcomes most of the time. Many religious types have said that god made man and therefore, humans are unique, different, and even better than all other known species, but soon man will build a machine better than he.

Of course, some things that humans do they do very well and it is not very easy for computers to do, however, this is only a temporary situation. Many opponents of artificial intelligence say that humans are very creative and computers could never be as creative. Well, this simply is not so. In fact, I predict that soon, artificially intelligent software will be writing creative stories that far surpass those stories written by humans.

In a blind study, humans will soon choose AI-created stories over those written by actual humans. The skeptics are split on this statement. Some say it’s impossible and the rest of the skeptics say that if an artificially intelligent computer does become a better creative writer or storyteller it will be only because a very creative human created it in the first place.

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