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January 27, 2022

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The not so easy life of a Professional Artist

How many times have you looked at an artist and thought enviously to yourself that this is the kind of life that you wish to lead? I mean, the creative freedom that they experience, making loads of money just doing what they love and yes, the fame, all of it is enough to make you go green with envy. But as the famous idiom goes, the grass always seems greener on the other side. Behind this seemingly marvelous life of an artist lies a narrative of struggles that forms a major part of their everyday life. In extremity, you can even say that their creative freedom or fame is the end result of the prolonged struggles that they undergo daily. While learning art, engaging in content creation, finding the right artist platform, success is only something that happens along the way. Art is not created in a matter of a day, it is a process that demands a lot from its creator. After days, months or even years of brainstorming you land with that perfect idea which you wish to execute and then begin the struggle of turning that abstract idea into a concrete piece of art. Imagine writing tens […] read more
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When Science became the ground for Artistic Innovation: 6 Works of Art Inspired by Science

We are way past that generation when people tried to establish a clear demarcation between science and arts. Today, more than ever, the interconnectedness between science and arts is strongly felt in every wake of life. We live in a world where photography, a byproduct of scientific discoveries, is claiming the world as a prominent art form. We are a generation which is interested in knowing the physics behind the making of ice creams which we all love. With fields like gastronomy and photography gaining significance, it’s impossible to deny how arts and science have come together to form a space with infinite scope for innovation and creativity. This acceptance might have come late or in some cases might be still on its way but this idea has been spreading its wings since a long time. Did you know that Samuel Morse (1791-1872), the man credited with the invention of Morse Code was also an aspiring painter? Also, were you aware of the artistic inclinations of the world-renowned Botanist Maria Sibylla Merian (1647-1717)? And while we are on the topic there is one name which deserves special mention and that is none other than Leonardo Da Vinci (1452-1519), the creator […] read more
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6 Myths that every Aspiring Guitarist must be wary of

When you are an amateur in any field, you are not really immune to the baseless myths that are fluttering around and as a result, you sometimes take the wrong turn which could negatively impact your endeavors. An amateur guitarist is also open to such risks. As a guitarist, the foundation that you develop is what decides how you will be shaped in the future. And if this foundation is based on myths or lies, the building above is meant to sway and eventually crumble. And sometimes these myths even make you question your capabilities and restrict you from pursuing your own interests. So, let us just put a stop to these myths and enter the world of guitar while keeping such misconceptions at bay.  The guitar is most commonly played because it’s easy.  These days, the guitar is one of the most popularly played instruments. From your relatives, friends, to neighbours, you might personally know a lot of people who play the guitar. And if you go on social media, somehow everyone knows how to play the guitar. Now, if you thought the reasoning behind this is that the guitar is the easiest instrument to play out there, then […] read more
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Developing Life Skills Through Theatre and Acting

Have you ever had the opportunity of meeting or engaging with a theatre artist and were like most of us taken in by their strong aura? If yes, did you wonder what is so unique about these theatre artists which captivates everyone in an instant? Let’s find an answer to this question and resolve the mystery behind their strong presence on and off stage. If I ask you to name those qualities or skills without which one cannot excel in today’s highly competitive world, what would those be? No, I am not talking about technical skills like programming, management or animation but those personal skills that every recruiter looks for in a potential candidate. You must have guessed it by now, I am talking about your communication skills, leadership qualities, problem-solving skills, confidence, adaptability and all the other skills which come under the umbrella term of personal skills. Now, to acquire technical skills, you enroll into a corresponding university but what is the path to acquiring these personal skills? What if the answer to this question is Theatre. Today, let us familiarize you with the most creative path towards personal development – Theatre.  Everyone who has had first hand experience […] read more
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