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Landlord Claims his Tenant Is a Spy, throws Tenants PC In the Bath

Landlord Claims a Tenant Is a Spy, Puts the PC In the Bath A London tenant lodges a complaint against his landlord for throwing a tenant’s PC in a bath. Landlord claims the tenant to be a government spy.   The tenant has had ongoing issues with his landlord, including cutting off the internet connection. Since the tenant moved in, the landlord had been acting strangely.   Landlord demanded he inspect their computer and even requested the tenant to sign a declaration he didn’t work for the UK government.   The situation got worse when the landlord insisted, he was going to evict the tenant. The PC was submerged in the bath after the tenant got the police involved and eventually re-entered the flat.   The tenant said the landlord has psychosis, which is a problem, and I want the landlord to get support from a mental team.   The tenant will now consider legal action to deal with the trauma caused by the landlord’s action.   The landlord, a white male, has refused to make any comments other than stating he is legally represented and would take appropriate action if needed through his lawyers.   The tenant has since […] read more
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Latest Landlord News websites and organisations list

List of landlord websites for landlords and letting agents in the UK that cover England, Wales, and Scotland. These websites offer services and products to landlords and letting agents to some extent, some like Rightmove offer limited services as property search portals. However, others like the British Landlords Association have landlord forum and an online newspaper that delivers the latest landlord news. Latest landlord news is important for professional landlords that can be accessed online when you need it. Latest landlord news websites like the BLA, landlord today and property reporter offer update dates latest landlord news. These online resources publish the latest landlord news that is all property related residential and commercial. The British landlord’s association is the only association that publish a daily online paper 7 days a week. News around the world, national and local news. The websites make their money by selling advertising space on there websites, that is their main revenue stream. You can advertise any property related product or services. They also allow gust posting at a fee, provided it is relevant for their niche. Due to covid-19 we have like many other countries a steady stream of new legislation to deal with COVID-19 […] read more
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New retaliatory Eviction legislation how does it work?

What is retaliatory Eviction work?   The renter has requested repairs, and the landlord has decided to evict the tenant rather than do the repairs. At this point, this is what can happen: The renter, upon reporting disrepairs to the council. The local council has served an improvement notice on the landlord to conduct the repairs. Suppose the local council has served an improvement notice on the landlord. In that case, the landlord may not serve a valid section 21 notice on the tenant. Reasons for eviction when it comes to revenge eviction are rarely declared by a landlord when retaliatory action. From 1 October 2015, under sections, 33 Deregulation Act, 2015, provisions titled “preventing retaliatory eviction” came into force in England. The above legislation prevents landlords from serving section 21 in certain circumstances due to the Housing Health and Safety Rating System hazards in a property. There are exemptions to the Retaliation eviction legislation that are discussed below. From 1 October 2018, the retaliatory eviction legislation applies to all assured shorthold tenancies in England, including any granted before 1 October 2015 or tenancies that went into statutory periodic tenancies. You cannot evict a renter for asking for repairs. A landlord […] read more
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How safe are Lip Fillers?

Side effects of filler and how to prevent them.   Fillers are becoming more popular than ever; they can smooth over wrinkles, make your lips look fuller and plumper and even shape your nose. It is also becoming much easier to find someone who will conduct the treatment. People offer to carry out filler treatments from their homes or beauty and hair salons. If it is something you have been considering, it is essential to know what can go wrong with filler. Maybe you have wondered about whether there are minor side effects to filler treatments? Or if there are things you can do to avoid issues that could arise from having a filler treatment? The short answer is that there can be side effects or complications similarly to any invasive treatment or procedure. You may experience redness, bruising, bleeding, or swelling. More severe complications include skin damage, infection, or scarring. These side effects can be limited or prevented if you have your treatment done by a skilled professional with anatomical knowledge. In this article, I will aim to answer your questions to make an informed decision about dermal fillers and if they are the proper treatment for you. Why […] read more
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Landlords electrical checks in England

What is an EICR? It is an abbreviation for an electrical installation condition report (EICR).  The Electrical Safety Standards in the Private Rented Sector (England) Regulations 2020 came into force on 1 June 2020. It and applies to all tenancies created on or after that date in England from 1 July 2020. The British Landlords Association said landlords need to ensure they have a full understanding of the EICR. The regulation requires residential properties to have a safety check on the electrical installations in their properties inspected every 5 years. A qualified and competent person must conduct the test. A qualified person as part of the EICR will check the Socket, consumer unit, fuse box, MCB’S, RCD, wiring and light switches. Electrical testing of any portable appliances can be done at the same time if the electrician is instructed. The inspector will also check for any faults under the 18th Edition. The EICR is not limited to the above list. The qualified person will then issue an EICR or give a remedial action plan to put things right. If in doubt you can ask questions regarding any compliance issue on the BLA landlord forum.   Landlords must give a copy […] read more
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How to buy investment property in the UK

Investing in UK Property can be very rewarding for British Nationals and non-nationals. When buying a property, you can consider paying cash or obtain a mortgage.  Taking a mortgage to buy may be a good idea for tax purposes. When obtaining a mortgage, the lender will consider your income. However, given you are buying the property as an investment, the potential rental income will help you get a mortgage.  Rental income will need to meet at least 125% of the monthly interest payments on the loan, a view known as ‘rental cover’. So, if you’re mortgage interest payments equal £1,000 a month, you’ll need to be earning £1,250 in anticipated rental income. At the same time, a deposit on a Buy-to-Let mortgage is typically more significant than the one on a standard mortgage. Most Buy to Let lenders expect a deposit of 25%. Still, there are examples of 45% deposits for those investing in Buy-to-Let property. Some things to consider when buying in the UK: 1 What is involved in investing in UK property? You need to understand what is involved when buying a property in the UK. The tax requirements and the legal implications of being a landlord. UK […] read more
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COVID-19 Guidance for Landlords and renters

Non-statutory guidance for landlords and tenants in the private and social rented sectors on: 1. Rent, mortgage payments and possession proceedings   2. Health and safety obligations, repairs, and inspections in the context of coronavirus (COVID-19)   This guidance is advisory and informs you about recent changes to the law. All advice is subject to frequent updates and should be checked regularly for currency.   Coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions remain in place. The government has announced a 4-week pause at Step 3. Step 3 restrictions remain in place, and you should follow this guidance, which explains what you can and cannot do. There is further advice for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The government urge all landlords and tenants to abide by the latest government guidance on COVID-19.   The guidance in this document applies to England only. Some of the measures referred to also apply in Wales.   See guidance for Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. You can obtain free legal advice from Landlord Advice UK. How to deal with Rent, mortgage payments and possession proceedings    This is a summary of the rent, mortgage payments and possession proceedings section. Further detail can be found in Section 1 below.   The purpose of […] read more
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How to deal with a tenant deposit dispute

Tenant Deposit dispute & deposit deducts: Introduction Tenant Deposit dispute & deposit deducts: Introduction After the tenant has successfully paid the deposit, the landlord needs to protect the deposit in a government-backed tenant deposit protection scheme. Even if the tenant has paid part of the deposit and not paid the remainder promised deposit you must protect within 30 days what you have received. Many landlords make the mistake: Waiting for the remainder of the deposit and wrongly assume the 30 days start from the time they have received all of the deposit. The landlord to help the tenant has agreed for the tenant to pay the full deposit over a few months. And wrongly assumed they did not have to protect the deposit they had received. It is best not to agree for the deposit to be paid over a few months. It causes a headache and problems further down the line. The landlord has 30 days to protect the deposit and give the tenant: The deposit prescribed information The Deposit Certificate By not giving the tenant the above 2 documents will mean you will not be able to serve a section 21 notice on the tenant. The strict sanctions over the […] read more
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