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January 24, 2022

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sunwell pulverizer

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Three Types of Pulverizer Machine, Which One Is Right to You

universal grinder grinding stainless steel tank part time stamping molding, and the grinding tank surface polishing treatment appropriate to use, easy to clean after the universal grinder; inferior universal mill crushing tank made of iron and wall electroplating method for surface treatment, though looks bright as a mirror, but generally use 2-3 times after plating layer will wear, exposing the black iron base, prone to corrosion or damp wet cleaned without timely dry, used for next time. Low-speed pulverizers A ball mill pulverizer is the one that has a horizontal rotating cylinder. It consists of a charge of tumbling. It might also have steel balls, rods or pebbles. When it comes to tube mill, it is revolving cylinder that is used for the pulverization of the ore, rock and many other hard materials. The material that needs to be pulverized is mixed with water, and it is fed into the chamber, and it comes out as slurry. In both ball and tube mills, the loners protect the cylindrical structure. But the balls undergo wear and tear and hence they need to be replaced when it is required. Medium speed This is the kind of mill that has two kinds of […] read more
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