Some consider Verticals to be outdated and old fashioned, though many still prefer the benefits of these traditional window furnishings.

1) Practicality

Verticals are more versatile than so many other blinds. They can be tilted a full 180 degrees, thereby changing the direction of light coming in to the room. They can also be fully stacked to one side of the window or door, completely gaining access to the opening. A roller blind by comparison can only either be opened or closed.

2) Light Control

Similar to point above, there is no better light control than a vertical blind offers.

3) Ease of Installation and Customization

Verticals are probably the most customizable of window furnishings. They have many parts and components, which allow for various modifications. Some include: Closing gaps over bay windows, angled windows, corded or wand operated, as well as customizing slat sizes over windows with in-build airconditioners.

4) Budget

Vertical Blinds can be considered the “budget” type of blind, although it depends how they are manufactured, and which company is behind the product. There are both cheap and expensive ways to manufacture the vertical track. It is a growing concern that so called “shaving” is applied by large businesses to make the plastic parts thinner, cheaper, and less durable so that re-purchase is required quicker. But… there still are some companies who will put together their verticals using proper components such as stainless steel links.

5) Higher Ceilings

Verticals can give off the illusion of higher ceilings, given that they are slats which optically are vertical.

6) Great over Loooong and Wide openings

Verticals are best over long doorways, especially when considering modern architecture with multiple stacking doors. A vertical trumps all other alternatives when it comes to, for example, a 4 or 5 metre opening.