Here are some of the best tips to get through the personal injury claims and win the complete compensation you deserve.

Prepare a detailed medical report

Make regular visits to your doctor, and make notes of any medical issues you face. Take notes of all the symptoms, at talk about how these symptoms are affecting your day-to-day life. Even a small symptom as ‘backache’ could be stopping you from hold your little children in your arm or operate on a computer at work.

Also take lots of picture and videos as these will help your personal injury lawyers convince the jury of the trouble you had to go through due to the defendant party. Images and videos leave a much deep impact than textual evidence therefore store pics of every step after the accident. Be it your injuries, damage to your property, or your visits to the doctor’s. Details like these matter a lot and affect the amount of your compensation money.

Log receipts of related transactions

If you had to bear any expenses due to your injury make sure to do things:

a) Pay using checks, not cash. b) Ask for receipt and keep it safely in a folder.

Even expenses like paying someone to do household chores or mow your lawn for you while your were recovering from the injuries can be compensated. Any non paid absence from work can also be reimbursed, IF you make sure you get it documented from your workplace. Other financial losses like a lost job or promotion that you couldn’t accept can also be presented in court as long as you keep collecting proofs.

Look for witnesses and get their details

You should try to find as much as witnesses you can & have their contact details with you safely. Don’t rely solely on police to do this, in many cases if the accident looks pretty simple they won’t even take ask the witnesses for any statements.

It’d be unfortunate when months later insurance companies deny paying you quoting lack of witnesses as you don’t have any means to contact them.

Don’t Talk to Anyone About your Claim:

At all times keep in mind that ever since you make a personal injury claim defendant’s insurance company will start collecting information about the incident, and try to use this info to prove you wrong in court. So besides your lawyers or doctors don’t ever give any sort of statement or remark about the incident.

Most important of all the things, do not settle before all the symptoms caused by the accident go away, except the permanent ones. Why you might ask, here’s the reason when you settle and the insurance company writes you a check you’re made to sign-off a R.O.C. agreement. By signing the legal release you’re terminating any liability between you and the defendant.

At The Herron Law Firm we charge 1/3 of all sums collected if the case is settled before filing a personal injury claim in court. If we take your case, the Herron Law Firm will advance all expenses associated with negotiating, prooving or fighting your case.