With the uncertainty of the last 12 months, many students have been unable to gain the valuable qualifcations they need and thus continue their onward journey to whichever career path they have chosen. Many opting to complete Functional Skills online to bridge this gap quickly.

Functional Skills English and Maths were introduced in 2007, initially on a three-year pilot programme, with the intention of developing qualifications that would be suitable for all learners. There are five levels to this qualification and three subject areas. Functional Skills Level 2 are equivalent to a GCSE pass and accepted by universities and employers.


Functional Skills English and Maths were reformed in 2019 with the intention that the reform process would ensure that these qualifications better meet employer needs in terms of the knowledge and skills that learners achieve. Functional Skills ICT will undertake reforms in 2021 with this qualification being renamed Digital Functional Skills qualification.


Functional Skills examinations are available regularly throughout the month and are useful if you need to gain a qualification quickly. 

This is providing comfort to learners who thought that they would have to wait another 12 months before moving forward and restarting their career. 

For more information about basic skills in education, contact Learn Now Distance Learning college who can assist further.