Can you make your own beer in a small apartment? YES! I started to brew beer in college dorms. I cooked in my dorm kitchen, and then hid the kegs underneath my bed. I set them up on bed risers to make it easy for them to fit under my bed. You can do it anywhere if you’re able to do it in a dorm!

I bought a “Home Brew Beer Kit” at the local department store. It was a complete waste of money. I was just trying to make my own beer flavors and the “Home Brew Beer Kits” were a waste of money. At a few sorority parties, I began to talk about homebrewing beer and met a man who had been doing it for some time. He invited me to his home (and I promise, only to talk beer). He showed me all the necessary materials and gave me some of his recipes. Six years later, I still make beer for my husband, and his friends, When it comes to homebrewing beer, practice and experimentation are key!

How does a stay-at-home mom make beer? Although it is very easy, I recommend that you practice and experiment to get the best results. You may remember my friend, he created a video and an instructional book on how to do this! He will tell you where to get supplies and how to understand the fermentation process. He even shares some of his incredible home-brewed recipes!

brouwpunt a stay-at-home mom, I have lots of time to experiment with the brewing process. It’s a great escape when the kids are asleep. Because we have the “free” beer, it keeps our family social. We also have football parties at our house.