Trees, having sturdy bodies and a dominating appearance, seem to be always in control. A lot of people think that caring for trees is not an issue, since they are one of nature’s creations that you can leave alone for thousands of years and still survive. However, that is not true at all. Caring for trees is a must, especially in your own garden or landscape. So you should be sure to learn some maintenance tips and tricks for caring for trees.

Getting To Know Your Tree

First off, you have to know your tree’s kind. Why? Because different trees also react to different treatments given to them in different ways. So your first task at hand is to find out your trees needs in terms of treatment. Other than that, there are still general tips of tree care that you should know to keep your tree healthy.


There are certain kinds of fertilizers which trees like. Phosphorous is one, along with potash. So how exactly do you fertilize those gentle giants? In general, when you buy fertilizers, its package or bag will indicate instructions on how you should dilute it and how you should spread the solution out.

But the best reliable advice you can get is simply to spread out these fertilizers around your tree’s base and broadening just past the reach your tree’s longest branches. This will ensure that all roots will have a dose of fertilizer as it saturates the ground.

Next thing to know is when you should fertilize. Be happy, it’s not a monthly chore! In fact, you’re not even required to fertilize every year. You can go to the extent of fertilizing your trees every other year.

Lastly, if possible, you should stick to organic fertilizers. If you own compost, the dark broken residues at the base of the pile can be used as fertilizers. You can spread them in the same area as mentioned and will end up fertilizing your trees just the same. Another benefit here is that you’re not bringing in imbalanced quantities of nutrients to your soil.


Habitual watering will keep your tree’s cycles regular. Your tree’s leaves should fall at the correct time and its buds should sprout out on schedule. When watering trees, make sure that it is deep, in the sense that the water you are giving should soak into the ground to a depth of several inches.

If you are having problems of water evaporating too fast, what you can do is surround your tree base with large bark chips. By doing this, you deflect the sun’s heat and water can have more time to seep into the soil.

Over watering should be avoided, especially if your tree is young. Also see to it that you don’t overtax the tree roots, because if you do this, your tree will not fully anchor into the ground and will, most likely, fall over.


A lot of trees need to be pruned so that they can stay healthy. Pruning can be very complex since it is both a science and an art. If you have to cut a few dead or live branches, you should not cut them too close to your tree. Near the trunk, you can find a collar connected to the branches, in which they grow. It is important that you don’t cut from the collar.

Caring for trees is not that complex. It is actually fun and easy to do. It is not that time-consuming, since you only have to redo the maintenance after quite some time. By remembering these simple maintenance tips and tricks for tree care, you’ll be sure to have plenty of healthy trees around your home.

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