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October 17, 2021

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10 Rules For Riding Instructors

Riding instructors aren’t just responsible for teaching their students how to ride. On the contrary, they are responsible for the lives of their students, and many riding instructors have a profound influence upon those they teach. When I was growing up, I was far more terrified of my riding instructors than my parents, but in a good way. If I screwed up in school or got caught doing something I shouldn’t, it was the wrath I faced at the barn that I feared most. This wasn’t because my instructors were scary, but because I was appalled by the idea of disappointing them. Your students will develop intense relationships with you, and it is therefore your responsibility to do right by them. This means keeping them safe, of course, but it also means doing your job with as much honor and enthusiasm as you can muster. That said, you should also be focused on the business aspect of riding instruction. Drop the idea that becoming a riding instructor is a simply hobby, and start thinking of it as your career. Sure, you enjoy it, and you should be grateful to have such an opportunity. But you are in the business to […] read more
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French Bulldogs

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Satta King 786

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