There’s plenty to be aware of when moving. If you’re moving to a new office, home or simply want to arrange your space There is every time a correct and a incorrect way to go about it. For furniture it is better off if you follow specific guidelines to make sure that no harm happens to you, others or any other items. Furniture of different types requires different amounts of care and moving methods. These are general rules for ensuring your safety as well as the safety of others around you while the furniture is being moved. Heavy furnitureFor heavier items like sofas and couches You may want to consider purchasing sliders that can be placed underneath the legs when moving the furniture on a slippery flooring like floorboards, tiles, or linoleum. Keep your back in a lower position when pushing furniture, and make sure you bend your knees at the knees, rather than bending your back only. Being low when pushing can make lifting heavier objects more comfortable. If furniture pieces are able to be removed, you should move them first. Move lighter items first, before larger or bulky objects that might require extra space for transport. Clearing the path will make it easier to carry the […] read more