A marble is often considered a luxury building material. It has garnered fame for its extensive use in the homes of wealthy Romans and Greeks. It is seen in high-end hotels and the mansions of the rich and famous. But marble is not the exclusive domain of the super-wealthy, and a frugal homeowner can incorporate the material in their next bathroom or kitchen renovation project if they plan wisely and use it sparingly. This short guide will provide you with the knowledge to assess the various qualities of marble and determine if it is adequate for your particular home renovation project.

Not all marbles are alike. They vary in many ways, but perhaps no quality is no more important to the homeowner than a marble’s durability. Marbles vary in their ability to resist scratching and staining, which makes this an obviously important consideration when planning on an installation in a kitchen or bathroom. Most marbles, in fact, are very easily stained. This makes marble a poor choice for use in both kitchen and bathroom countertops. Many marbles is also easily scratched, so if you want to install marble flooring in a high-traffic area of your home, you should be sure that it is resistant to this kind of wear.

The color of marble varies widely as well. Marble’s color is determined by its composition. All marble is composed of limestone which has been crushed by the tremendous pressure of the Earth, but other minerals have inevitably entered and permeated the marble before its formation. Marble can be both black and white, and this is what is most often seen. But it can also take on nearly any other color, depending on which other minerals are present in its composition. This provides the homeowner a wide range of options when it comes time to choose marble for their particular application. Be warned, however, as some colors of marble are rarer and will be more expensive.

The color of the marble will determine the color of the grout used in its installation. The general rule of thumb is that when working with marble, the color of the grout should always be as light as or lighter in color than the stone. This serves to accentuate the natural color of the marble. As marble is expensive and difficult to work with, you should consider hiring trained professionals to install it for you. They will have access to a saw, which is necessary for cutting marble. Maintain your marble by keeping it clean and dry. Avoid detergents as they can dull the stone over time. Periodic professional care will return the marble to its original shine and protect it from deterioration.

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