In the 12 years I have been in practice, I’ve been employed by a array of firms. When I made the decision to start my own business I began to think about the traits that comprise the best law firms. When determining the top law firms, do you consider aspects like employee benefits, company culture and turnover rates for employees? Instead, do you look at the characteristics that impact the most valuable asset – its client? My view is that the top law firms have top-quality lawyers and employees with the highest ethical standards and the determination to work within the ethical boundaries to protect their clients.

A key element to being successful in law practice is a strong leader. A leader who is successful will have a vision of the direction of the firm and a dedication to the service of the clients of the firm and meet like-minded people who believe in not only the clientsbut also the reputation of the firm. I’ve observed in my work that leaders who are effective are able to change quickly as they progress and grow. They tend to lose touch with those who made them an effective powerhouse. It’s easy to move from a routine of weekly lunches for associates or partners to never or never, even any partners in the office. Leaders who are effective at the top law firm will have a clear grasp of the legal tasks being completed out of the office, as well as the overall satisfaction of their clients, and a keen awareness of employee’s overall satisfaction. As the firm grows and succeeds it’s easy to lose track of these vital aspects, but effective leaders are aware of these aspects even in the midst of exponential expansion of the firm.

The most reputable law firms are compassionate towards their clients. Attorneys from such firms sit down with their clients they aren’t just discussing the lawyer’s achievements. It’s more about listening to the concerns of your clients and determining their ultimate goal through the representation provided through the business, while showing compassion to their circumstances. A lot of lawyers examine their clients and notice dollar indications. They think about the chance to charge or charge the full amount they can receive on a contingency basis for a massive settlement. They fail to remember the most fundamental ethical principles of lawyers, doing what is in the greatest interests for the clients. Since at the end every day, all the billing hours can’t make your practice successful If you’re not able to please and care for your clients. Companies that operate this way tend to have high turnover since they place billing as the first priority. They burn out their lawyers and then bring in new lawyers and begin the process from scratch. This is a sure way to cause disappointment from customers. It is possible that they do not know the month before another which attorney represents them.

Another characteristic of top law firms is a specific focus on a certain specific area of law. The time of general practitioners are (or ought to become) gone. Laws are very complex and may be changed in a flash based on new legislation or rules of law enacted through appellate tribunals. The top law firms focused on a particular field of law and have are very proficient in their work. The best law firms are well-aware of current developments and new areas of practice. With such a narrow scope they are able to change their strategy immediately and establish the authority for their clients through demonstrating their expertise in a specific field of law. Be wary of the lawyer who claims to specialize in every area in civil lawsuits. It is possible to do so, however to do so, you should be aware that the opposing counsel might have a narrower concentration. They might have that precious bit of information that will help make the case win for them, and a loss on behalf of your client.

There are several additional factors to take into consideration when deciding which method is most effective. This could be the subject for a later article. However, the ones discussed here are, in the author’s opinion, the top aspects to take into consideration in determining the characteristics that make a company one of the top.

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