I actually have watched in horror (or even taken component withinside the nightmare) the improvement of the competency movement. It follows difficult at the heels of every other whole waste of effort – the vocational movement, which itself changed into preceded with the aid of using every other fad which fed on a woodland of bureaucracy and pencils – the exceptional movement. All I can say is that whilst many groups are following a selected fad, it does now no longer suggest that it has any validity or is of realistic use.Competentietest I actually have the sensation that it has extra to do with a) the shortage of inner perception into setting apart fable from reality, b) the want for brief answers to complex troubles and c) the want that all of us ought to need to consider withinside the Emperor’s clothes.

The solution to overall performance improvement, whether or not person or company, lies within, now no longer with the aid of using adopting a person else’s doubtful formula.

There is an obsession with abilties. Each corporation has its listing of 25 abilties for managers, 35 abilties for salespeople and one zero one abilties for the cleaner. Competencies are used on choice processes, improvement centres, and in appraisal processes, besides for senior control. The latter have remained aloof from the method, and even though it pains me to mention it, can also additionally honestly be the best ones displaying a few degree of not unusualplace sense.

Do abilties paintings? They do in mag articles and books. They do at finances meetings. They do at seminars. The hassle I actually have is that I meet plenty of equipped salespeople who aren’t on goal. I recognize many equipped managers who couldn’t encourage me to document a paper clip. I locate the complete method of figuring out and enforcing abilties very, very boring. Am I the best one withinside the Western global organized to mention so?

There are a few essential faults withinside the complete competency method. 1. The benchmark descriptions of competence are generally so low as to be of little need at all. 2. The individual who suits the overall listing of abilties best exists at the bottom not unusualplace denominator degree (have we learnt not anything from the failure of complete education?) 3. Competencies best degree whether or not some thing exists or now no longer, now no longer whether or not it’s far of any use or how nicely it’s far done.

Let’s examine the standard method to figuring out and tracking abilties at paintings with a few different professions along with acting, music, dance, and sports. To store time and area I will best produce one competency in step with profession:

Guitarist: Plays the chord G.

I can play the chord G. The Rolling Stones have now no longer telephoned me up but to characteristic on their subsequent album.

Actor: Recites speech from Romeo and Juliet with out lacking a word.

Have you ever watched an beginner overall performance of a Shakespeare play? Enough said!

Dancer: Correctly makes all steps in a Waltz sequence.

I took 15 dance training once. I changed into a equipped dancer. I changed into additionally an lousy dancer!

Athlete: Runs 100m in eleven seconds.

Comes in last.

The reality is that abilties steadfastly refuse to degree success. I have not begun to peer a control competency which says – ‘Inspires the crew to exceed all company targets’, which if now no longer accomplished effects in dismissal. I would really like to peer simply the only competency for salespeople – ‘Exceeds goal ethically’.