Mirrors are objects that have a smooth shiny surface that reflects images in exact replica of the original object. They come in many shapes and sizes and have been branded different different names depending on the purpose they are used for. There are plane mirrors, curved mirrors, which are classified into concave and convex mirrors and which are mostly used to magnify objects or to focus light to a particular point.

The uses of Convex mirror are as many as the stars on a cloudless night. Made from a resistant and solid polycarbonate material, it has a protruding reflective part that draws light towards itself. For this aspect it is used in the car industry for the car mirrors which are very useful at night while negotiating corners, on the streets and in institutions for the purposes of enhancing security.

In other words, since as we said earlier it draws light towards itself, then one is able to spot the activities that are taking place behind his or her back and therefore one is able to dodge danger. The uses of the convex mirror do not stop here. In the industrial sector, we find that it can be installed in the premises so that the workers are able to monitor the activities that are happening around them and they can also be able to see any falling objects and this way, accidents are kept at bay.It becomes like one’s third eye.

In addition to all the above, let’s note that this kind of mirror goes a long way ion saving you a lot of money that would otherwise be used on treating injuries and property damages. Lives have also been saved by the use of this mirror.

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