Creating a group is a two-step process. Creating a group for your network marketing business is one of the simplest, easiest, and quickest things. Creating a group is a fantastic way to communicate with members of your sporting club, school class, or network market downline. Creating a group is pretty simple, but before you start you need to make sure that the group doesn’t already exist. Creating a group is just the beginning of an exciting and rewarding commitment to the community that will return dividends you just can’t imagine. The first step in creating a group is finding a supportive teacher, counselor, coach, or administrator. This is one of the most effective ways of building solid relationships with new clients who are thinking of becoming a part of your network marketing team. If the idea of creating a group is to solve a problem, then what is the most satisfying aspect of being a part of a group.


Members can create, receive, and reply to group messages right from their existing email accounts without having to log into the group. Members of your group will even be able to join groups you create that relate to your network marketing business or brand. Members of a group have access to a resource associated with that group. Upload group photos & files and allow members to view and download them anytime. Share group profile information with the members and allow everyone to communicate directly. Will you allow interested members of the public to contribute or is your group restricted to a specific target audience.

This person will become the primary point of contact for members should they have any questions, technical or otherwise. Clicking on the “Select Members” button allows you to add from your existing Address Book and the “New Member” allows you to add a new email address. Only registered users and members of your group are available for selection. Encourage your network marketing team, group members, clients, colleagues, friends or other community members to log on and join your group. If you already have a list of network marketing members that should be in your group, you can “pre-approve” them, so that when they request to join the group they will be automatically accepted. If you would like to block certain members from joining your group, click on the” Remove & Block” button on the “Manage” tab and choose which members you want to be removed and blocked from joining your user group.


Groups can be saved to folders on your computer, and groups can be saved to folders that you share with other users who may be located anywhere on the Internet. You can, however, make the group secret, and remove all the users, so that only you will ever see it. You can use scripts to create, modify, or delete users, groups, access privileges, registry entries, and snapshot variables. While creating/editing content, you have the option to solicit feedback from other users. This approach is effective when a small number of users is being created and an administrator is willing to do all the work of creating the users. Remember that the whole point of creating a group is to meet new people and not to be an administrator…

Creating a group for your network marketing team can be very rewarding. Learn to start your internet business the right way with groupie luvv