When I think of decorative doors my mind wanders to the carvings and embellishment you see on thousand year old doors in Tunisia, Rome and other ancient cities throughout the world. These are the doors that are hundreds of kilos and haven’t been touched in centuries. They are the ones that you stare at for so long that you forget to enter the building. Examples of these beautiful doors include those at the Baptistry in Florence, with Ghiberti’s ‘Gate of Paradise’, the Famous House of Wonders in Zanzibar, and more.

This type of detail makes for magnificent doors, which are not seen nearly enough anymore. Nowadays the type of door decorations we have to choose from include:

1. Curtains

It is common practice to have curtains over your windows but not always your door. Why is that? When you think about it, a lot of the curtains in our homes are never even closed, their purpose is strictly decorative. So why not decorate a glass door?

When choosing curtains for your door it’s important to consider the look and feel of the room. French doors in a rustic, country sitting room might require distressed wooden, outdoor panels. A feminine bedroom with white lace bedding and accents might suit white, sheer voile curtains that are nipped in the centre.

2. Signs

People who own large estates like to name them and signs are put up to display the property’s name. This is especially common in rural areas where addresses aren’t as clear. Signs are usually made of wood and will hang from a post on the side of the road as well as on their front door.

Other types of door signs include those for restrooms, shops, warnings, welcomes, office names etc. Designing a creative sign for your front door can evoke a certain mood that your guests are sure to feel throughout their visit.

3. Windows

Not every door has a window on it, but it can be a very stylish touch. French doors naturally have windows and they always look great. Some doors just have a narrow window up their centre which can be made of clear or smoked glass. It’s a nice way to add detail to your door. Stain glass windows are the most beautiful in my opinion. While they are not suited to every house or every door, they can add colour and an old art feel to a home.

Door canopies are another type of decoration that are also functional. It’s nice to protect your front door with a little roof. It adds texture to the outside of your home and keeps people dry and warm while they look for their keys or wait for you to come answer.

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