Have you ever had the opportunity of meeting or engaging with a theatre artist and were like most of us taken in by their strong aura? If yes, did you wonder what is so unique about these theatre artists which captivates everyone in an instant? Let’s find an answer to this question and resolve the mystery behind their strong presence on and off stage. If I ask you to name those qualities or skills without which one cannot excel in today’s highly competitive world, what would those be? No, I am not talking about technical skills like programming, management or animation but those personal skills that every recruiter looks for in a potential candidate. You must have guessed it by now, I am talking about your communication skills, leadership qualities, problem-solving skills, confidence, adaptability and all the other skills which come under the umbrella term of personal skills. Now, to acquire technical skills, you enroll into a corresponding university but what is the path to acquiring these personal skills? What if the answer to this question is Theatre. Today, let us familiarize you with the most creative path towards personal development – Theatre. 

Everyone who has had first hand experience at theatre or acting classes would agree that an engagement with theatre is not just about honing your acting skills but it’s a journey towards a better you, a more confident, more vocal, a more versatile you. There are actual testimonies that prove that an engagement with theatre systematically boosts your self-confidence and self-esteem. Now, just think about it, becoming a theatre artist or an actor involves performing on stage while hundreds or even thousands of people are watching you. Do you think you can pull it off without being confident about yourself? No, right! And this confidence that you acquire through theatre would come in handy in every wake of your life. May it be expressing your opinion or giving a presentation in front of your teachers or colleagues, this confidence that you have built up would come to your rescue. What works parallel to your confidence is your verbal and non-verbal communication skills. As an actor, while you learn to give life to different characters through verbal and nonverbal modes, you learn how to express yourself in a better manner. Then comes imagination. In today’s world, the key to survival is creativity and you get access to this key through theatre. As a theatre artist, imagine engaging with works of world-famous dramatists and exploring different ideas on a daily basis. That is meant to spark your creativity and then you can use this creativity to excel in all other spheres of your life. Also, through theatre, you can enhance your perception of the world around you. As an actor, you would have to get into the skin of several characters and you will be looking at the world from different viewpoints.

This is not the end, let’s count some other life skills which could be developed through theatre. Theatre and acting demands your focus, constant engagement, ability to memorize dialogues that can be pages long, it demands you to closely work with your fellow artists. If you look at them closely, these are all the qualities which being successful demands. And through theatre, you can inculcate them all in the most fun way possible. If you are not going to be convinced by mere words, let us give you some facts. Today, theatre-based corporate training is evolving as “a serious tool for leadership”. More and more companies are including theatre as a part of their learning programs. By encouraging participation and engagement, a theatre-based corporate program aims at creating a healthy work environment where everyone can get out of their shell and communicate with their colleagues in the most efficient manner possible. If the corporate sector which has no direct connection to the theatre is accepting and engaging with the character development potential of theatre, then the positive impact of theatre must be a proven one. And also, if you look around, you will see that many world-famous actors were once theatre artists. The Oscar winner Morgan Freeman, Hugh Jackman aka Wolverine and Nasiruddin Shah were all once theatre artists and they laid the foundation for their successful careers during their theatre days. 

Now you must be getting a gist of the strong aura or presence that we talked about in the beginning. This aura is a product of the path of self-development that they covered through an engagement with theatre. Bit by bit they developed the artist in themselves and simultaneously accumulated all the life skills which they need to shine in this world. So, what are you waiting for, go join the theatre society of your college, a basic acting class or an offline or online theatre class and pave a way towards a better version of yourself.