Hair weaving is a burgeoning fashion style that is embraced by ladies of every age all over the world. It’s a style that creates a sleek appearance and improves its natural look of wearers. The easy-to-maintain and comfortable style is a traditional hairstyle that has lost its appeal over time, but recently, the restyled version has been gaining a lot of attention. The new style of hair weave is being embraced by celebrities and stars of the world and has made it more common. This recognition by famous people has given a fresh direction and shape to the current trend in weave 

There are a variety of methods of hair weaving that can be accomplished. Each has its distinct appeal and can be a simple method to make a quick change in your overall appearance. Take a look at the following options and discover some of the latest styles that weave hair:

Human Hair Weave
The human hair weave can be described as a type of weaving which is created using the real hair from someone who has sacrificed their hair due to a reason. It creates a natural appearance, however the main issue is finding the perfect shade and texture.1. Women everywhere wear weaves! Black, White, Hispanic, Asian and any other ethnicity you can think bundles with closure 

Synthetic Hair Weave
Synthetic hair weaves are created by using synthetic weaves that are braided to create micro-braids or simply twisted to create an original design. They are temporary attachments to give a new style.

Curly Weaves
Curly weaves can be created through braiding curls into hair strands. This process is done by professional hair stylists. It is a lot of work and attention, especially when shampooing and drying your hair.

Weaves that are Bonded
Bonded weaves can be created by attaching extensions to tiny sections of natural hair with bondsing glue. This type of weave is an expensive process and requires lots of attention, especially when it comes to getting it removed. If it is not handled correctly or properly, it could result in permanent hair loss. The lifespan of the bonded weaves ranges from 1 to 2 months. they should be removed prior to the bonds becoming loose.

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