We can all connect to our own experiences with the “magic potential” of packaging for products. Since we were young and teens, you have been “charmed” by items with packaging that was vibrant and bright and featured our favorite comic books cartoon characters or commercial characters (like “Tony the Tiger” and ” produktion af emballage Tony the Tiger” – Frosted Flakes, and “Toucan Sam” (also known as Fruit Loops) in the packaging. I’ll bet many of you can now recall the box in detail for”Monopoly” “Monopoly” game “Candyland” and “Operation”. For a few decades more than a decade later, the marketers still retain a grip on you.

In the case of digital products such as ebooks and reports, “packaging” is no less crucial. Actually, it’s far more vital. Why? Because you aren’t able to be able to feel or touch digital products as they lack physical presence. How do you communicate the potential buyer that your product has value? You could provide them with an endless list of benefits and features, however it’s not going to accomplish as many as a professionally designed product package. A great eBook cover.

What the eBook cover can do for a potential buyer is provide them with the impression of a “physical” item or something worth buying. Additionally, online buyers are attracted to the immediate gratification of purchasing a product and being able to quickly download it onto their computer (rather than waiting several days, or weeks to wait for the product to arrive at them) but they also prefer to feel as if they’ve bought a “thing”. Instead of the buyer simply paying for and downloading a set of thoughts and data, “thin air” if you prefer the eBook or report cover provides them with an image that, when properly designed makes something appealing visually that conveys authenticity, enhances the quality of the product and creates the illusion of physical items, and thus makes the purchaser more at ease about their purchase.

How do you create an outstanding eBook layout for your cover? You can engage a professional graphic designer to create the design for you. A lot of online marketers opt to do this. But there are a few concerns to be considered among them is the major drawbacks of using this method is the cost. If you’re just going to release a couple of reports, the cost might not be a major issue, even though the service is quite costly. If, however, you’re an Internet consultant, marketer, or have a business in which you’re likely to be producing a myriad of digital goods, the hiring of a graphic artist can become very expensive fast.

Find an image software program which allows you to design professional-looking graphics (including cover designs for eBooks and reports) quickly, and is affordable priced, and easy to make use of. Some of the features of a top program could include:

  • No previous graphic design experience or experience is required.
  • Easy and quick design creation
  • There are a variety of design features such as fonts/colors, fonts, and effects that allow you to create completely custom designs
  • Cover product creations, no matter if seen in digital format or printed out, appears in high resolution
  • Realistic 3D design