The Basics

Before beginning to create a successful website do you think about clearing some of the basic concepts in web design? Designing Effectively []

Now that you understand what web design and its related terms mean, let’s dive into the actual issue: Designing Effectively.Strony internetowe Olsztyn The art of balancing design with practicality and function.

Content and graphics are used in conjunction with graphics

If your website isn’t focused on graphics, how do you create them, modify them, or even just a collection of links to websites with graphics I would suggest using graphics sparingly, specifically those that flash, spin or twirl. They don’t just detract viewers from your page’s content, but can also take a long time to load. You don’t want your visitors to leave your site due to the fact that your visually appealing page isn’t loading quick enough. However the text on your page is boring. Therefore, mix and match your graphics as well as the text you have on your page, and leave enough white space to ensure that the page isn’t simply annoying.

Layout and design

When designing, bear in your mind that a poor design and layout will render your website pages difficult to read and will make it difficult to keep users on your website for a long time. The most common reasons that can cause poor layout and design:

  1. A text that’s too tiny be read
  2. Text color combinations and background text that make it difficult to read
  3. Large graphic files that can take an eternity to load
  4. Many things that blink
  5. Incomprehensible navigation; difficult navigation
  6. Typed paragraphs in all bold, caps and italic simultaneously
  7. Graphics that won’t appear on the screen (assuming that the screen is 640×460 pixels)
  8. Animations that never cease
  9. Frames that are complicated with too many frames unneeded scroll bars in frames
  10. Not enough alignment of the elements

There are a few things that make a website stand out:

  1. Avoid the bad design elements listed above.
  2. Background doesn’t interrupt the text
  3. Bars and navigation buttons are simple to comprehend and to use.
  4. Effective use of graphic elements (photos subheads and pulling quotes) to divide large sections of text.
  5. A vast site includes an index or map of the site
  6. The colors of the link coordinate with the page colors
  7. Every graphic link is accompanied by a text link
  8. Animations turn off automatically completely by themselves
  9. Pages download quickly
  10. Every page has the immediate visual impact of the dimensions of 640 x 460 pixels


The majority of the time, all you need to do to design your site effectively is a bit of planning. When designing a site you must ensure that it is simple, clear, and attractive and easy for visitors to browse and find the information they require. Start with a plan for web design:

  1. What colors do you wish to work with?
  2. Are they complimentary colors?
  3. What types of content – text, images, or other data would you like to incorporate on your web pages?
  4. What design do you prefer? Take a look at other websites, and decide.