Studies have revealed that about one third of kids want cycling to school, and about 90% of children own bikes, but only a small proportion of them have.

How can we get children to cycle?

A child who rides to school boosts their independence and confidence. They also become more fit and more alert, as well as having amusement too.

Are you sure that you require to have a car?

There are many advantages and reasons to cycle to school is an impact on your lifestyle.

  1. Avoids pollutions
  2. Aids in reducing to ease congestion
  3. You’ll earn more money
  4. Sleep better
  5. The easiest way to incorporate workout into your day routine
  6. It’s a reliable method of transportation since you will not be sat in traffic congestion.

What’s stopping children from riding bikes?

Parents say that the main reason they don’t let their child bike to school is because they feel it’s far , or unsafe due to the dangers of roads or insecurity about the abilities of their child’s driving. The weight of school bags, the bad weather conditions, or security could be a cause for concern for children.

Schools who want to promote cycling can offer schemes like Bikeability. These are support programs that range from basic courses to games and competitions, that they can utilize to motivate children to acquire new skills.

The essential ingredient to improve facilities

It has been recognized that there is a requirement for schools to offer the appropriate facilities to promote cycling and handle the extra cycle trips that a program could create. So, facilities for cycling parking are needed and must be suitable for the capacity of the present and in the future as well as the age of children, and the surrounding environment.

What do you think about when you are planning the parking of your bicycle?


Parking for bikes should be easily prominent and not hidden away from view. Ideally , it should be situated close to the building’s the entry point. It shouldn’t be located close to potential dangers like an entrance road , or car park


Locking the bikes and keeping them secured securely and safely is crucial as it offers children with a safe space and helps prevent bikes from being stolen. It’s possible to put up simple racks or stands with anchor points kids can lock their bikes to. If you require more security, facilities with access control could be required.

The type of facility

This is determined by a variety of factors, including the number of cycles that you have to accommodate, your budget and the space available.

To ensure maximum security, cycle lockers are a safe and secured parking option, however they are a significant use of space. Also, you’ll have to consider the growing usage for Scooters (especially at primary school) and you might have to put in special scooter racks specifically for children


The requirements of your cycle users and the budget of your cycle could influence your decision.

Instead of having your facilities taken away, could you make use of your current facilities? If you have stands already, could you construct the shelter on top of it.

It is your Bike It Officer will be able inform you whether there are any grants or funds available.

How are you going to be able to expand the cycle parking program in the near future?

It is possible to add more bicycle racks at an earlier date, as long as the location will allow it. Select a design that is modular and able to be quickly added if you’d like to increase the size.