It’s no secret that there are certain sites on the Internet where the most beautiful women and men in the country can be found – models.  But is that really the case? And what do these sites really offer?

If you enter the terms model index or model community in Google, the search engine spits out a lot of pages filled with pictures of people who like to show off. Well sorted by country, height, weight and hair color, you can “store” for models and book them for a photo shoot, just like in a mail order business. Partly against payment (Pay), partly against a sharing of the rights of use (TFP).

Mostly the registration as photographer and model is free. With your own e-mail and a few personal details, your own sedcard is quickly created. Now still between 5 and 10 appealing (own!) Reference photos uploaded and ready is the profile.

Now you can diligently click through the hundreds of sedcards of your own city to find exactly the model that fits your idea or ideas.

But even if there are countless of these sites, it makes no sense to register on all of them. On the one hand, maintaining these profiles is a lot of work and on the other hand, you should rather look for the sites with the most active members than dancing at every wedding.

Therefore, I recommend that you look for 1-2 portals where you feel comfortable and become active there.

Below you will find a list of the most popular model communities. The order I have chosen arbitrarily and does not represent an evaluation.

Also, I have limited myself only to sites where you can get in touch with the users yourself.
German pages
Probably the best known site of this kind | Mainly amateurs & hobby models
Positive: Many members | Negative: rather low quality, design looks like 15 years ago.
Sedcards within a photo community | Has rather a supplementary character
Positive: Good handling | Negative: Few models, few filter functions, narrow Sedcards
Mainly chargeable, if you really want to be found.
However, I have no own experience with the site.
A site that already has some magazine character. I can’t draw on my own experience here.
International sites

Which model communities are you on? Did I forget any? What are your experiences?