It is odds on that you will walk past a number of scaffolding structures when out and about during the day. They are such a common sight that most people barely take any notice of them and what they are being used for. There are a number of projects especially within the construction industry that could not go ahead without the use of scaffolding in Edinburgh. Scaffolding is an essential tool when it comes to accessing certain areas. So below are just five of the activities that would be extremely difficult without the use of scaffolding.

Scaffolding for Home Improvements

If your are undertaking a home improvement project such as a loft conversion, or replacing a damaged roof it is highly likely you will need to erect scaffolding. Tradespeople working on your property will undoubtedly need access towers to be able to reach the roof, or work platforms to enable them to complete the job quickly and in safety. 

Scaffolding for Painters and Decorators

Working at heights comes with the territory for painters and decorators, especially if they work on commercial properties. This means that scaffolding plays an important role in allowing them to work safely and without fear of injury. As well as providing safe access to difficult areas, well erected scaffolding allows painters and decorators ease of movement around their workspace, while also giving them an area to store tools and materials. 

Scaffolding for Building Repairs

When maintenance work is required on a building especially if this is on the roof or guttering there is an increased risk of injury. This is due to the nature of the work and the fact that it is being carried out high above ground. Working on areas that are unstable due to loose tiles and guttering can be especially precarious. 

By erecting a secure scaffolding structure you can remove many of these worries by giving your tradespeople with a safe and secure area on which to complete their task. 

Scaffolding for Window Cleaners

Cleaning the windows of a large commercial building such as an office complex, hotel or retail store will generally require more than just the use of an extendable ladder. Window Cleaners are often required to clean windows some twenty to thirty floors up. The very nature of this task puts them at risk of falling from a height that is likely to result in a fatality. Secure scaffolding is a sure-fire way of ensuring their safety and making sure they can carry out their job safely. 

Scaffolding for Building Inspections

Building inspections are carried out to check the credibility and safety of all different types of structure. Quite often a building inspection will require the installation of scaffolding to properly check the upper parts of the property. Any scaffolding erected to allow the inspection of a building should itself conform to all health and safety regulations. This allows the inspection team to carry out their job safely and without fear of accidents.