We’ve all experienced the struggles of a cramped bedroom, where navigating around clutter is more like a parkour session, and no matter how much storage space you install, there just never seems to be enough. But with our quick and easy guide, you can make the most of your snug space, and fill it with stunning finds! We’ll let you in on our best kept secrets…

Storage, storage, storage! Get creative with your storage solutions to truly optimise your space. 2-in-1 solutions will be your saviour, where the piece has its own purpose, while doubling up as an attractive storage solution. 

Take a TV stand with in-built storage for example; plenty of room to store your heftier items, while still giving the appearance of a sleek, minimalist piece.

Tesoro White TV UNIT

Storage benches are also a great option, as they can sit at the foot of your bed for an upmarket look, while providing ample storage for clunky shoes, bags or blankets. 


Now, we cannot mention storage without discussing storage beds. With mammoth under-bed storage space, completely hidden from view, you can tuck away all of your bits-and-bobs, with easy access when you need them. With a bed with in-built storage you won’t have to compromise on a spacious, sturdy bed to make room for wardrobes. You’ll have all the storage you need!

Tesoro Kingsive Ottaman LED BED

Your wardrobe choice can be pivotal in your bedroom’s functionality. Let’s take sliding wardrobes – sleek, contemporary and generally spacious, you don’t have to worry about large open spaces to accommodate outward-opening wardrobe doors, meaning they can slot into the smallest of gaps.

Tesoro White 3 Door Sliding Wardrobe

Mirrored wardrobes are also a strong contender for the best wardrobe choice for snug bedrooms. The mirrored exterior gives a room the illusion of being much bigger, giving your bedroom a light, airy feel.

Tesoro White Full Mirrored Wardrobe

Have you ever considered a corner wardrobe? Their practicality cannot be overlooked – if you have a small corner of your room free, you’ll be able to find a corner wardrobe to fit exactly what you’re looking for.

Tesoro Corner Mirrored Wardrobe

Small, medium and large, white, black or oak, whatever style you have in mind, we’ve got you covered!