I usually try to handle most home improvement jobs myself in order to save time and money. I can replace torn window screens or patch up small holes in the drywall with no problem, and I can also climb on the roof to clean out the gutters whenever necessary. I thought I’d be able to paint the place too, but it didn’t take long for me to realize I was in way over my head. Painting an entire house is not a one-person job, that’s for sure! Once I accepted the fact that I had neither the time nor the skill to handle the project on my own, I decided to call in a crew of professional painters.

I always get lots of fliers from professional painters, so I just pulled out a few of them and made some calls. Each company offered me a free written estimate, and guaranteed that they wouldn’t charge any more than they put in the quote. I was therefore able to compare prices, as well as time frames for how long it would take to complete the job. Since I wasn’t in a hurry, I carefully checked out these professional painters by asking for references and portfolios of past work.

Although many of the quotes I received were affordable, I felt I could talk the prices down. This is usually possible when dealing with freelance professional painters that don’t work for a company. Independent contractors are more willing to negotiate a discount in order to keep your business, so getting an extra 5 or 10 percent off is not that difficult as long as I ask. Plus, I had estimates from several professional painters, so if one crew told me to go take a hike, I could simply move onto the next one.

Anyway, once I finally settled on a team, all I had to do was sit back and watch them go to work. They took excellent care of my yard, placing drop cloths over every shrub and bush that might conceivably be in the way of potential spills, and they were also very careful with window trims and doorframes. The professional painters finished the exterior of my home in record time, and the results were stunning! In fact, they were so good that I’m now considering hiring them to touch up some of my interior rooms as well.

I know that most people think they can handle something like painting a house on their own in order to save a few bucks on labor costs, but why risk making a mess of things? Sometimes it’s better to call in the pros and let them use their expertise to make sure everything is done right the first time. Believe me, professional painters can paint your home a lot more quickly and competently than you can!

Kan du nikke genkendende til følgende situationer?
Dit hjem har brug for ny maling.
Du er træt af den nuværende vægfarve.
Du er lige flyttet ind i et nyt hjem.
Du skal flytte fra dit nuværende hjem.
Uanset hvilken af de ovennævnte situationer du står i, så står Danmag klar til at rykke ud for at hjælpe. Vi er maler specialister i indendørsmaling i Aarhus, København, Aalborg og resten af landet. Vi er vilde med at male huse, lejligheder og værelser, og netop derfor er indendørsmaling vores speciale.