1. You can keep your mind sane by making a list of who you need to purchase for and what stores you wish to visit. This will allow you to go to each store one time and make quick decisions once you’re there. This will drastically reduce your shopping time.

2. You can shop online or through my mail catalog. In today’s economy, you can purchase all your gifts from one place. Many companies will wrap your gift and include a personal card. Talk about convenience. There are many obscure and hard-to-find gifts that can be found online.

3. Make sure you stock up on the essentials early. Get your wrapping paper, tape, and ribbon while there is still plenty of selection. This will allow you to save time and only purchase a few “small items”. It is possible to find the perfect wrap paper print for little Tommy.

4. Call ahead if you need assistance. Many stores hire seasonal workers who don’t know much about their job. These seasonal workers may not have the best knowledge about the products they carry, or where they can be found. If you need assistance finding the item or how to use it, it’s best to make a call and schedule an appointment.

5. Preparing your grocery list for the “big meal” is a smart move. You can save time by shopping in sections, and not have to go back and forth looking for things. This will save you the time and frustration of shopping for groceries for half an hour only to realize that you forgot the ham.

6. Book restaurant reservations at least three weeks in advance. Don’t leave the important task of ordering your meals up to chance. Place your reservation at least three weeks in advance. Remember to confirm your reservation by calling the day before so that any issues can be resolved.

7. For reservations, plan to arrive early: It is best to get there at least 15 minutes prior. This will allow you to be flexible in case of traffic delays or road conditions. During the holiday season, most restaurants won’t hold reservations for more than 10 to 15 minutes.

8. Don’t wait to find out if your flight has been cancelled or delayed. Contact the airline customer service line. You will find the attendant on the phone to be more helpful and efficient than the busy attendant at the counter.

9. Send your gifts early: There’s no need to stress about stuffing gifts into overhead compartments during a flight. Save yourself the trouble of mailing your packages 2 weeks in advance.

10. You should always list the names of anyone who helped you. This will help you quickly resolve any problems after the season. It is unlikely that you will be able to identify who helped you, or make a promise.

11. You can use the expertise of a serviceman as a resource to solve your problem. If you have any issues during travel, it is a good idea to ask a serviceman “What would I do if I were in your shoes?” Next, be calm and allow them to speak. You will likely find a solution.

12. Do business with people you know. Eat at the restaurants you love all year and shop at places you trust. A personal relationship with employees will almost always result in better customer service.

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