How to choose a wedding videographer? Why bother reading this article about How to Choose a Wedding Videographer. You can just see their footage, compare their fees, and then decide on a wedding videographer. That’s right. That’s why most weddings end up being ruined. Or at least, the “Fun Meter” is turned down. The wedding Videographer is responsible for four out of five weddings. If you don’t want your Wedding Videographer ruining it, keep reading.

Styles of operation for Wedding Videographers There are times when you can pose and do formal videofooatge at your session. Two photo sessions are often held, one before and one after the ceremony. The guys and the gals will be kept separate. A wedding Videographer should be informed that this is the only way to get posed footage. He must also be able to capture all footage as though he was a professional Event Videographer. Event videographers and photographers should be able to record events without interfering with the event to take photos, pose for footage, etc.

Most brides don’t know this fact. She only needs to hire a Wedding Videographer once in her entire life. What happens when she hires an event videographer but a wedding videographer? He thinks he has to be in control of every shot and must pose them all in order for a smooth and easy montage. We’re now getting to the point of this article, so I’m glad that you asked. These guys are like puppeteers, with you and your husband as the puppets. Your day is never over. You and your family will not be able to enjoy the day without being filmed. This is partly due to the fact that all footage will be staged, and partly because wedding Videographers will make life difficult for everyone.

The process begins as the bride and her bridesmaids get ready. Some videographers will enter the room, stay away from the bride and her attendants, and take some photos in a quiet setting. After that, they may ask for a few posed shots and then go. These are the professionals. They are the pros. Unfortunately, many of them will harass the bride and her bridesmaids for posed photos and harass them so that they can’t chat and enjoy the moment with their friends.

The Wedding Ceremony. During the ceremony, which should be a time of reverence and a time when you and your groom should own, I see wedding videographers constantly turning on and off their cameras and moving back and forth in front guests. Their job seems to be distracting guests more than getting great shots. Professional wedding/event videographers should be able cover this area from a tripod farther back in the room using a telephoto lens without lights. He shouldn’t be moving around and distracting others. Your wedding ceremony should focus on you and your groom, not a videographer (or a photographer for weddings).

After-ceremony Photo Sessions I have seen photo sessions that last two hours or more. Guests at the reception were tired of waiting, and they started to leave. This is not how you want your wedding remembered. To get special footage, a professional videographer will not extend your photo session for more than 10 minutes.

Here is the worst part! Wedding Videographers understand the importance of taking great shots of the main events, such as the grand entrance; first dances; cake cutting; toasts; cake-cutting; and toasts. They also need to capture bouquet toss and garter toss. Professional wedding videographers will capture these shots in a casual style. They will not be intrusive but still keep close enough to get the shots. He will be visible to you, your groom, and guests. There will be cameras lights but he will not be distracting or intrusive.

The majority of them aren’t pros, and have no confidence in their ability without staging these shots. They won’t let you and your groom have fun with things like toast-cutting and cake-cutting without manipulating you as if you were puppets. Imagine the Wedding Videographer constantly telling you what to do at your reception! This is not a “wedding reception”, it is a “modeling” session!

It is amazing to me how brides and grooms allow this to happen and then complain about it afterwards. You’ll have your video, but will your groom be happy?

The wedding Videographers will be so close to you that guests won’t have a good view of major events. To get some photos that aren’t included in your wedding Videographer’s portfolio, your wedding photographers must be magicians.

The real pros can capture great shots without interfering with your guests and manipulating your event. Do not take chances. Demand that your wedding videographers and photographers work within a 12- to 15-foot radius. This will allow you and your guests some viewing space.

What is the Wedding Videographer’s Dress Code? It is amazing to me how many wedding videographers dress for weddings. For most weddings, a professional will wear all-black so that he doesn’t appear intrusive and can be mistaken for a guest. For the same reasons, he may be lighter-tanned at a beach ceremony. Consider that family members and friends will be taking photographs and a wedding videographer dressed in loud colors, black and white polka dots will distract from these photos.

What is the Pay Rate for Your Wedding Photographer? The majority of wedding photography plans are designed so that they can make more money for you if they have more photos than you need. I have been told many times that wedding videographers consider me their competition. The Videographer will likely sell more photos if the video is not good. Their thinking is that if the video is great, the bride might not want to purchase more photos.

Many wedding videographers purposefully get in front the cameras at all times. This sounds unbelievable, but I have seen footage of photographers aggressively getting infront of video cameras. Many times I have seen footage of unmanned video cameras where a photographer stands to one side and looks over his shoulder to find the camera, then repositions to block it better.

Most wedding videographers have flat fees, which can be adjusted if hours are added or taken out. However, professional photographers know that videographers are there to please their client, the bride and the groom. We extend every courtesy to them.

SUMMARY: What Should You Do? Discuss this article with the wedding videographers you have pre-screened. Pay attention to what they have to say and how they say them. To cover a wedding like one, it takes experience and training. You need to be able to take great photos and not be intrusive. It takes a pro to do it.

Both the wedding videography and wedding photography fields are full amateurs, hobbyists, and even people who have been doing it wrong for years. It is difficult to find a true professional. It will take some effort and time, but the rewards will be great!

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