Next time you go out, take 10 minutes to scan across the room and take time to notice everyone at the bar. They all have one thing in common, they look bored as hell. Everyone goes out to the bar looking for a good time, but most people aren’t the type to go out and create excitement. They sit there and wait for something to excite them. 

They sit there drinking a beer, looking around, trying to find any type of entertainment. How many times did you and your buddy go out and just stand around? You sure as hell didn’t go out to the bar to talk to your wingman all night. But this is the case with most people who go out to the bar or club. This is why that jackass you’ve been talking about all night is now talking to the hottest girl in the bar. She was waiting for someone of your quality to come over, but she got so bored, that she would rather put up with the jackass for the next hour and be entertained, rather then to sit around any longer not doing anything. This is true with women, and more importantly it is true with men, and if you recognize that, you will never have to worry about rolling out on the town 2 men deep again.

These are the people that you are going to target and use to your advantage, to become the Alpha Male, to become the most popular guy in the bar, all you have to do is create the group, and the rest will join in. Sounds easy, but how do you create a group out of nothing? You can’t just go up to another couple of guys and say, “What’s up? You come out here often, want to grab some beers?” You might get you ass kicked for those type of comments. But if you know your town, and have good situational awareness, it’s nothing more than a pitcher of beer. I love college towns and I love college bars. It doesn’t even have to be a college bar, just a place where people like to drink, and the tables are somewhat sanitary. It also helps if they have pitchers on sale that night. I make sure to always carry around some quarters with me, you guessed it, so I can start a game of quarters. 

Look around for someone who just finished a shot or a mixed drink, there’s your quarter’s glass, walk over say, “Hey you are done with that, we challenge you to a game of quarters!” Away you go. Now you’ve got a small group going, but after a round or two others will take notice, “Hey are you guys seriously playing quarters?” You’re going to hear that about 20 more times tonight, why? Because it’s out of the ordinary, it’s not normal, it’s exciting, can you really play drinking games in the bar? Tell them to join in; before you know it, you have 20 people gathered around cheering you on, and other games starting up next to you. 

Since you were the ones who started the game, you are subconsciously considering the group leader, the Alpha Male and everyone wants to get in good with you. You can continue to play the game or get up and start your pick up game, but for the rest of the night, you will be getting high fived and receiving “You’re the Man” comments, giving you social proof that you are a man of quality because you were able to take 30 strangers, bring them together, and create a night they will all remember. Just be sure to have a plan on how you’re getting home, a game of quarters can mess you up quick and also leave a deep hole in your pocket, but generally, everyone is having such a good time, that everyone will be buying pitchers left and right just to keep the good times going.

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