If you are struggling to find a reliable/good window cleaner and have tried looking through search engines it can be difficult to find someone reliable, especially in London. The best way to find someone reliable offering a good window cleaning service is to ensure they are local and eager for new work. Going for the cleaning companies at the top of a list from a search engine will not always provide you with a window cleaner that is reliable and offers a good service.

If you are going to start looking for a local cleaner, try yell.com. You simply type in your area or postcode or even just the beginning of a postcode, let’s take for example EC2 in London, you simply type in EC2 and search for window cleaners. The search will provide you with all the window cleaners that provide service in EC2. Note that if you type in your postcode, the first few window cleaning companies will not necessarily be the ones closest to you, they are the ones that have paid to have the top spots for postcode searches so you might be better manually scanning through the window cleaning companies that have the closest postcode to you. I know this because we have advertised with yell ourselves.

Another more creative way to find a good reliable cleaner is to visit the window cleaning rounds for sale website and go onto the ‘find or provide window cleaning work’ link, and you will see a list of window cleaners and window cleaning companies eager for new work as well as people that will be looking to sell work, but that will not be relevant to you.

Another way to find a window cleaner that is looking for new work is to call your local window cleaning suppliers store, they are often the ones that know who offers a good window cleaning service and who is reliable.

A simpler way is to ask your neighbor if they have a window cleaner, or if you don’t know anyone on your street why not gives them a knock. It could be a good way of getting to know your neighbors. Just lookout for the houses that look like they have a window cleaner or clean-looking windows. This is probably one of the best ways to find a window cleaner as they will probably be local. They will also probably be cleaning windows on the street regularly so you should be able to get a good price and receive reliable service.

Once you have found a window cleaner whether in London or anywhere else, you should always be able to have your seals cleaned. In the past some individual window cleaners have not included this in their cleaning service or maybe even charge extra money for the service. But you will find that it is common practice to have seals included in the service anyway. If they kick up a fuss I would suggest using someone else.

The price you pay for window cleaning depends on the area, London generally charges more especially if you are in central London or a congestion charging zone. Not only do you have to pay for the congestion charge but usually parking in central London is difficult and expensive. It is also important to remember that if you are paying a very low price for window cleaning, it might not always be to your advantage. Remember ‘you get what you pay for’. Ask to see if the window cleaner has insurance etc and what exactly are they providing. Expect to pay more if you have windows that are hard to reach or very high windows. Also, the type of windows you have will almost always affect the price of the service, if they are wooden or powder-coated you may be charged more because it is more time-consuming to clean them.

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