Apple has created a directory of podcasts which makes it available within the iTunes Music Store. The podcast pages are like any of the others available on the store, with graphics, links to show information, lists of the most popular shows and the potential to browse through show category. You’ll find that button beside the show graphic on its page. There’s also the option to download specific episodes, which you’ll find on the far-right side of the text listing of shows.

Navigating the store

One way to find the latest shows is to learn to navigate what’s available on iTunes. A few basic search tips can help you do this. iTunes has large coloured icons that link to collections of shows for specific interests available at the centre of the podcast page. These lead to attractive pages listing the top shows in the category.

You can also use the search field at the top of the iTunes browser, or the search tool that’s about halfway down the podcast page on the left-hand side. The latter lets you choose to search all podcasts, or by title and author. You can also search specific topics by category, using the drop-down menu above the Today’s Top Podcasts list, which updates the list below it to reflect your chosen interest.

Once you have subscribed to a show, you can set iTunes to check for new episodes every hour, every day, every week or manually. If you choose to do it manually you’ll need to click on the Update button at the top-right of the iTunes browser to get the latest shows. These settings are available in Podcast preferences, which you can reach from the menu via iTunes—Preference—Podcast, or by clicking on the Settings button at the lower-right of the browser.

You can also choose how many episodes to keep by using the Keep drop-down menu. Unfortunately, these options are universal; you cannot use different settings for separate podcasts.

Directory Services

iTunes isn’t a perfect search tool for podcasts. Podcasters must submit their shows, which are then vetted by the iTunes team before being made available through the service. iTunes relies on podcasters letting it know when they stop making shows, which means some that are available through iTunes are slightly out of date.

There are a growing number of online directories that can tell you about shows that haven’t made it to the iTunes list, which I will come to, but first you need to know how to subscribe to shows which aren’t listed within iTunes.

Once you have found the relevant URL for the transmission, you just need to select Advance—Subscribe to Podcast, then enter the URL for the show you want. The link is likely to be on the podcast’s website and probably ends with the letters .xml. You can also submit information about shows you like using the Submit Podcast link at the centre of the podcast home page.

To find new shows you should watch your favourite websites, and keep an eye on the growing range of podcasting news websites that exist online. Some recommendations include:


Yahoo operates an online resource for finding and subscribing to podcasts, which you can use to track down the addresses of new shows. Available at [], this directory benefits from dedicated editors who vet content and user-submitted recommendations, tags (keywords to help track topics) and reviews.

If you see a podcast you like, visit its page and you’ll see the link to the transmission’s RSS feed, which you simply copy and paste into iTunes.

Podcast Alley ( offers a huge amount of information in its extensive directory of 21,200 (and climbing) shows, searchable by topic and name. You will find links and information about featured shows, monthly top 10 and top 50 lists, and links to the top five newest and five randomly picked transmissions.

You’ll also find a very active forum too, which should help you track down new treats for your ears. It also furnishes information about the top 100 podcasts in any genre for any month through its web-based interface.

Podcast Bunker

The Podcast Bunker ( aims to offer information about the very best shows. All those listed are checked to ensure their quality, and the site offers a range of features to help you keep a watchful eye for new shows that are creating a buzz.

Site features include links to the most recently updated, most visited and most recently added shows. It also offers show lists gathered by genre. All shows are rated using a five-star system for content and quality.

Podcast Directory

Available at, Podcast Directory is s busy and feature-packed site, offering news and other information alongside aggregated lists of the newest shows, most popular transmissions and video podcasts. It also offers internet radio show information. You can browse podcasts by geography, genre, nationality, popularity, and language.

Podcasting News

As well as watching the evolving industry, Podcasting News ( offers a directory of shows. Information that is submitted by podcats enthusiasts takes the form of a two-way forum discussion.

You’ll not only find new shows but may also meet other users who share the same interests as you (word of mouth is the best recommendation after all). Shows are divided into a huge range of categories, including a Top 25 Rated shows category.

Podcast Pickle

A community-focused podcasting site, Podcast Pickle ( offers a forum, as well as genre-based and random lists of shows. You’ll find links to recently released shows, a show of the day suggestion, rated shows, and more through this simple site. It even offers one-click buttons to download a show to iTunes.


If you like video podcasts, the Vodstock ( offers a regularly updated collection of visual broadcasts. You can search by keyword, browse through categories, and find popular and top-rated shows through the online interface.

Click on the description of an interesting show to visit the page about it; you’ll find the show’s URL near the top of the page.

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