Are you waiting for customers to sit conveniently on your lap? These days, you will be at a losing end if you are not making any marketing efforts in generating sales leads for your business.

However small your business is, and even though you are selling the best product at the most reasonable price, you should still find ways to “attract” more customers for your business and not just wait for any sale to happen.

More often than not, businesses experience the dilemma of not finding any more customers after only a few sales from customers. The truth is, you need to improve your marketing efforts to make sure that you are also getting new prospects and better leads before you end up watching your business die a natural death.

Here are some tips on how to generate new sales leads for your business:

1. Utilize article marketing. The use of article marketing works almost all the time. Sharing your expertise through quality unique articles with a focus on search engine optimization and with a link back to your site will always get you new leads. If you have quality and interesting articles sharing your expertise, you will increase your readership as well as your website’s popularity especially when people find your articles worth sharing with others. The best part of it is that the people who will get to your website are often those who are interested in your niche which you can possibly convert to buying customers.

2. Offer freebies. People always want to get free stuff. When we go to the supermarket, for example, we often find people interested in wanting something for free. This is why if you have a new product out in the market, it is always a good idea to offer something like a “free taste” for the purpose of product introduction and sampling. This is something you can also do to promote your business online.

3. Stay connected and in touch with past customers. You should treat your old customers as a gold mine. Never make the mistake of doing business with them without getting their contact information such as their e-mail addresses because they are likely to do repeat purchases with you again and, more importantly, they can provide you with more referrals later on for your business.

4. Get additional exposure from social networking sites. You should go where most people go online. Your online presence should also include the use of social networking sites such as, but not limited to, Facebook. More online visibility means more popularity for your business. People often associate popularity with authority.

5. Hire an expert in sales to lead generation. There are many other strategies you can use to generate new sales leads for your business. The more strategies you use and implement for your business, the more qualified leads you can have. However, this can be really time-consuming on your part. If you would rather be concentrating on the selling aspect of your business, then it should be a good idea to hire a sales lead generation expert. A sales lead generation expert can focus and concentrate on using lead generation campaigns that will work specifically for your business.

Wait for a sale to happen? No. You have to do better than that if you want to stand out against your competition. In fact, you have to be smart enough to learn how to generate new sales leads from time to time.

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