Starting sales is initialized through generating lead. Generating leads is dependent on various factors like budget and buying cycle. So many leads require immediate attention whereas others need to be given more attention and worked at. It is important to identify the leads, which require the highest concern.

Electronic surveys help to collect information and get the address of the prospective customers. Through such surveys you can get a lot of tips but is it useful for generating qualified lead is the question. The most important aspect of such surveys is in generating qualified leads, which will eventually lead to a purchase.

For identifying the best qualified guide, scoring is a technique, which is used nowadays. Through scoring you assigns a value to the person who is the lead. The main goal is to make the person buy the product or service of the company.

An annoying factor among sales people is that they spend most of their time of low-priority leads. This cause high priority qualified tips to wait for the product or a service. The main use of the online survey is to prioritize and generate qualified leads to the sales person who in turn closes them. The low priority leads can be in the funnel and can be cultivated for later use.

Companies can use this technique to generate qualified leads and help them in generating sales. It is a very effective method and should be used with care and caution as good leads can mean more business.

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