Getting a facelift done can cost you thousands of dollars in surgery cost. Also, it may leave permanent scars on your face and some people can loose sensation in certain sections of their face. Why risk all that when you can improve your tone, complexion and condition of your skin naturally by massaging it?

Massage of the face is harmless, it requires no toxic chemicals and will make you feel fresh and more vibrant. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Make sure you use oil or moisturizer as a lubricant. If you just use your bare hands, you may cause too much friction and leads to irritation of the skin. Also, clean your hands thoroughly before you start. You don’t want dirt or bacteria smudging your face.
  2. Apply firm pressure to your face using your ring, index and middle finger in a circular motion. Do not apply too much force because you can cause bruises that may last for days. Massage along the length of your facial muscles and try not to lift your fingers from your face, the fingers should always be in contact with the skin.
  3. After five minutes, use your flat pads of your middle, ring and index finger and apply less pressure in a circular and slow motion. Begin from the head and then towards your chin, so the blood will move more efficiently towards the heart. Do this for another five minutes.
  4. Finish the massage by gently pinching your face using your finger and thumb. Apply enough strength so you can see some slight change of skin color. Avoid pinching on areas where there is not enough skin to pull like the eyebrows and along the jaw. It will take you just two minutes to complete this part.

In summary, it will take you at least fifteen minutes to complete the massage. If you keep doing this everyday for a year, your face will look years younger.

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