Your website is an important reflection of your business. It is where most people go to look you up before taking the next step to contact and then hire you. Being found on the internet is crucial in today’s business world. Not many businesses can brag that they have so much business that they do not need a website to generate more. However, even if you have enough work to keep you steadily employed, there still should be a placeholder on the internet for your business which, at the very least, provides contact information for your clients.

Many services are out there to help you optimize your website for search engines. This is a good resource for businesses that have the capital to spend on professional management, however, there are free methods to organically growing your website, if you take the time. Here are a few steps that you can take to grow your website and help it to be seen as valuable and thus better promoted on the internet.

What determines “value” in website ranking? Value is an intangible quality that search engines attempt to quantify by measuring concrete data about your website:

Does your website have pertinent information about your organization? This is measured by:

Word Content: The words you use on your web pages are noted by search engines and used to help people looking to match what they type in the search box to what’s out there on the internet.

Videos and pictures: Providing more information in a variety of methods to your audience improves your chances of being listed higher in searches.

Does your website get a lot of traffic? Measured by:

Visitors to your website: Visitors to your website are noted for the length of time they spend at each page. This helps Google and other search engines recognize that the website you have is valuable because people are reading and lingering at your site.

Links to your website: Demographics are maintained by search engines to see how many other sources find your website valuable and worth pointing their audience toward you with a link. (Coming soon in another article- how to get more links to your website!)

Active websites are more likely to find themselves on the first page of a Google search than inactive websites. This means adding content, such as a blog, editing and updating your website and keeping the content fresh. This also helps keep your customers coming back to see what’s new.

Writing a blog may seem intimidating, but there is good news! Figuring out enjoyable topics (for the writer and the audience) is easier than what you may expect. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be taking notes for future topics that you’ll want to write and post from every day experiences and activities.

First of all, let’s look at the history and use of blogs; this will give us a better understanding of what blog readers (your audience) tend to read more and why.

“The modern blog evolved from the online diary, where people would keep a running account of their personal lives. (source: Wikipedia) Websites, including both corporate sites and personal homepages, had and still often have “What’s New” or “News” sections, often on the index page and sorted by date.”

Coming from a vantage of why and how blogs were formed, we see that it is a useful tool for communicating with your target audience; in most cases for businesses- you blog for your current and your potential clients.

Take a solid, solitary moment to imagine yourself as someone who may be interested in what your business has to offer. * Think from your customer’s point of view. Ask yourself about what your customers have recently been inquiring when they come and see you. What are your customers interested in buying from you? What are the latest trends in what you’ve been selling the most? What types of questions have your customers been asking you or your representatives?

When you listen to your customers, you will have topics for your blogs readily pouring forth by their questions, purchasing habits and problems. When a customer has a problem, this is a golden opportunity for you to jot down some interesting facts about the case and to share with others in a blog!

The increased reading and writing of blogs have since transformed the ease of web-interface. You can get a free blog set up through your Google account with or integrate the free website platform, specifically created for website blogs. Now you can easily personalize your blog-page, upload all types of content with point and click instructions (no code learning necessary!), and share it with selective audiences, or the entire world.

The steady improvement of your website by yourself and your colleagues will enhance the substance of your content, the ease of use, and the layout of the web design and will continue to please the search engines in quickly finding your site.

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