Selecting a cleaning service for your construction or project is an important choice. You need to ensure the company is competent as well as responsive and reliable. Here are some suggestions about hiring and what to expect from your cleaning service. Reinigungsfirma Aargau

1. Get price estimates from at minimum three companies.

It’s not always advisable to choose the most affordable firm. You should evaluate the proposed scope of work with the quality of the materials that will be used. Does the price quote include equipment, materials, and labour? What are the charges for any special requirements that aren’t within the scope of the work? Beware of offers that sound too promising to be true since they might be!

2. Find out how the time they’ve been in business.

Cleaning firms are known to change their names and move around. They usually change their name to improve their image however, the business is still run by the same team of people. You should ensure that the firm you select has earned a the reputation of providing quality services within the local community.

3. Are they insured, licensed and bonded?

Make sure you are protected and protect your home. Check that your cleaning service is legally licensed for the work they do. If they’re insured that means you are assured that you won’t suffer any loss as a result of their work. Don’t engage a company that cannot provide evidence of insurance.

4. Ask them if they can back their work.

Many companies will claim that you will be satisfied however what does this mean? Are they willing to refund your money in case you are not satisfied? Do they come back on the job site to rectify the situation? Make sure you get the scope of the work and cost in writing prior to the time work is finished so you are able to compare what were promised and what you actually received.

5. Request a list of references.

A reliable cleaning service will have a long-lasting client base. Find references to similar projects to yours. If references are supplied make sure you make contact with them!

6. Do they provide 24 hour service for emergency clean-up?

In the event of an emergency like a fire, flood, blocked toilet, icy sidewalk or any other disaster, can you contact your cleaning company to assist? If they can help you in times of need, it will help you save time and money since they are familiar with and can access your property or project.

7. Do you have a representative from customer service you can count on?

When cleaning firms get your business, it’s hard to reach them on the phone. If you call, you speak to a different person every when you make a call, and they don’t necessarily have access to your specific account. Before hiring, inquire the person who will be managing your account.

8. Do they keep track of your concerns and needs, from their inception until resolution?

Ask the cleaning service how they will deal with your concerns or concerns. How do you know when the issue has been solved or the request done? You should ensure that there is an established procedure to evaluate, address, and follow-up.

9. Do they offer all the services for cleaning you require?

When selecting a cleaning service inquire about the complete range of services they provide. Why not select a service that not only cleans your office, but will also wash your floors, carpets, and windows? This will help you save time for those cleaning tasks that occur. They may also be able to give you a lower price because they already have your home.

10. Do they provide Green Cleaning products and practices?

The purpose of today’s eco-friendly cleaning movement is to limit environmental impact as well as the building’s occupants and the cleaning staff. If these aspects concern you, inquire whether your cleaning service is familiar with green cleaning.

11. Can they design a custom project scope for you construction?

Before a company offers you with a price it is recommended that they inspect your home or project and inquire regarding your requirements so that they can modify the project’s scope. If they haven’t yet done this, be cautious.