Ignorant regarding how to secure the excellent acrylic painting you got as a birthday present? Considering how to mat and edge your new watercolor? Here is a convenient aide on the most proficient method to really focus on your valuable work of art, regardless media it was made in.

. Dealing with

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. Moving

. Matting

. Outlining

. Covering

. Show

. Cleaning

Exceptional consideration for various kinds of media

. Acrylics

. Oils

. Watercolors

. Pastels

. Charcoal, Pencil, Colored pencil, Crayon drawings

. Ink drawings

. Advanced workmanship

Taking care of

Continuously utilize incredible consideration in dealing with work of art. Never contact the outer layer of the workmanship with your exposed fingers as the normal oils, acids and salts on your skin can move to the fine art and cause long-lasting harm. If you should contact the craftsmanship, wear cotton gloves.


Work of art not showed ought to be put away in a spotless, dry, dull and very much ventilated region in moderate temperatures and stickiness levels that don’t vacillate an incredible arrangement. Stay away from capacity in cellars, upper rooms or carports as outrageous temperatures and dampness can harm the work of art.

Store unframed craftsmanship level with corrosive free paper between every thing, or store individual things in authentic quality envelopes.

Try not to store craftsmanship between cardboard, as it is exceptionally acidic and can harm work of art after some time.

Store workmanship made with charcoal, pastels, pencil or colored pencil between glass to abstain from scouring and harming the sensitive craftsmanship. Ideally mat the thing first with a corrosive free mat and afterward cover it with glass to shield the fine art from any sort of contact with its surface.

Never store unframed workmanship in delivery tubes for any period of time. Eliminate the workmanship quickly and lay it level until you are prepared to outline it. On the off chance that a composition has been put away in a cylinder for quite a while, counsel an expert who will utilize extreme attention to detail and mastery in unrolling and loosening up the fine art to stay away from conceivable breaking and harm.

Never store outlined workmanship straightforwardly on the floor. All things considered, lay the work of art on blocks or on racks.


Never leave work of art in your vehicle for broadened timeframes. Convey outlined work of art by the sides and try not to lean material against any things that might harm the surface.

Roll prints cautiously and embed into hard core delivering tubes. Eliminate the fine art and unroll at the earliest opportunity after transport to stay away from super durable harm.


Have your craftsmanship tangled with a corrosive free mat board. Low quality mats might harm craftsmanship after some time because of the synthetic substances in the load up that can move to the fine art. The equivalent is valid for support your specialty with cardboard which additionally has synthetic compounds that might cause staining.