Good quality make-up brushes can be expensive so you need to care for them well. Brushes should only be washed once per week. It’s important for the longevity of your makeup brushes and your health. Cleanliness of your brushes is important to remove dirt, oil, makeup, dead skin cells, bacteria, and old makeup. It can also make it very difficult to clean your brush. To achieve the best possible makeup look, you should always use a subtle and soft brush.

It is easy to clean your makeup brush. First, turn your brush down and then run warm water through the hairs. The metal part of your brush will not rust if the hairy end is turned down into the water. To clean your brushes, you don’t need a fancy makeup cleaner. Use a mild soap or shampoo to clean your brushes. The soap should be massaged into the hairs with the brush, then put it back under the tap.

After the makeup brush has been submerged in the water stream, gently squeeze the hairs of the brush from the handle to its tips. Under the water, you can feel the dirt and grime on the brush. After pulling the brush from the water, shake the brush and inspect the texture of your hair. If your hairs feel still heavy or hard, you can place the brush back under the water stream and gently rub soap up and down to prevent damage to the bristles. Continue this process until you have clear water.

Once you are satisfied that the makeup brush has been thoroughly cleaned, place it on a piece of paper towel. Make sure the brush is not splayed. It can be very difficult (and uncomfortable) to apply your makeup with a splayed-out brush. Be sure to let the brushes air dry. Dry out before you apply your makeup, make sure to wash it thoroughly. You will always have a clean brush, even if others are dry.

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