Do it yourself or rather DIY power tools are quite popular everywhere and they can save a lot of money for you. Instead of calling over a technician or a mechanic, you can fix up everything within minutes if you have the correct cordless tools.

If you thought DIY tools cost you money then think again! They can help you save money and you need not work hard for it. All you need to do is to have a few good tools. There are plenty of DIY tools with different combo kits to suit every project. They range from cordless drills and jigsaws to mitre saws and screw guns. The combo kits have been designed to fit many different trades and industries.

Everyone likes good quality drills and saws and would always look for an opportunity to get the next generation power equipment to have in their workshop. This would help anyone carve an easy pathway to high quality projects. With the cost of tools coming down with far more competition the consumer has a lot more choice and can get a fantastic combo kit for less than one thousand dollars. The most popular tools would be a driver drills, grinders and jigsaws. With these tools you can attack most projects and assemble just about anything. Gone are the days of screw drivers and other hand tools doing the majority of the work. Power tools have really improved the efficiency of the work site like no other innovation.

The cordless power keeps increasing

With the battery technology coming along in leaps and bounds they only need to be charged for less than an hour and can run continuously while completing whole projects. The batteries have become interchangeable also so two batteries from a combo kit can fit many tools and keep you operating for hours at a time – Just swap the batteries and keep going!

The power of the cordless tools now is also being improved far beyond past tools and they now are almost on an equal footing with corded drills and saws and they keep getting better. The Li-Ion(lithium ion) batteries now can be charged intermittently and last for hours in many different tools. The newest innovation from Dewalt is their work site radio that can run music from any USB source, run on batteries, charge your cordless tool batteries and run off your power tool batteries! Its a great add on to any work site.

Melbourne Vape’s range of DIY Kits & Tools has been carefully selected to make your rebuildable experience more affordable and enjoyable. At Melbourne Vape’s we are constantly adding new items to our DIY Kits & Tools section. If you are looking for an item which you cannot find below, please contact us and we will do our best to source this item for you. 🙂