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Landlord Claims a Tenant Is a Spy, Puts the PC In the Bath

A London tenant lodges a complaint against his landlord for throwing a tenant’s PC in a bath. Landlord claims the tenant to be a government spy.


The tenant has had ongoing issues with his landlord, including cutting off the internet connection. Since the tenant moved in, the landlord had been acting strangely.


Landlord demanded he inspect their computer and even requested the tenant to sign a declaration he didn’t work for the UK government.


The situation got worse when the landlord insisted, he was going to evict the tenant. The PC was submerged in the bath after the tenant got the police involved and eventually re-entered the flat.


The tenant said the landlord has psychosis, which is a problem, and I want the landlord to get support from a mental team.


The tenant will now consider legal action to deal with the trauma caused by the landlord’s action.


The landlord, a white male, has refused to make any comments other than stating he is legally represented and would take appropriate action if needed through his lawyers.


The tenant has since moved out of the flat while both parties consider their legal options.


A local resident said she knew the landlord for several years, and he is a level headed, calm person. She said she was surprised at what has been alleged.


The local police force declined to make any comments and said this matter is still a live investigation which potentially involves criminal damage and unlawful eviction.

Dr William Masih, a director of the British Landlords Association, said: This is a bizarre case; however, the police are unlikely to take any legal action due to lack of evidence. Both parties will likely have to seek legal action through the county court. 

 Legal action should be the last resort; the parties ought to try to settle the matter amicable between them. All landlords are encouraged to take an online landlord foundation course to better deal with disputes with renters.