Today orthodontic patients have several choices as their orthodontic treatment methods. Two of the most used methods are metal braces and ceramic braces treatment. In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of both metals as well as ceramic braces. So let’s start with ceramic braces. 

Ceramic Braces
These braces are for children and young individuals around 14 years of age. On the other hand, adults are also aware of orthodontic treatment nowadays. Ceramic braces are becoming popular due to their clearness. So let us discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the braces. 

Less painful: Ceramic braces are known to be comfortable to wear as compared to metal braces. These braces do not irritate your gums. After some time, you should not feel any types of pain during the process. 

These braces are famous as they are less noticeable than metal brackets. The translucent material is used while manufacturing these braces. Moreover, this is one of the main reasons why it is famous. So these braces look more compact and pleasant than metal braces. 

Less effective: being one of the most famous methods of orthodontic treatment but, when it comes to structure the teeth, it is less effective than metal braces. Under the ceramic braces method, the process is more complex than metal braces. 

These braces are more expensive than metal braces yet less effective. This is because higher quality material is used while manufacturing the ceramic braces.  

Metal Braces
Metal braces are one of the most common options around the world for orthodontic treatment. These braces are worn by children as well as adults also. So here are the advantages and disadvantages of metal braces. 

Fewer chances of discolouration: being manufactured by the metals and also, metals are less likely to leave colour. But on the other hand ceramic braces leave colour while cleaning. 

Being manufactured by metals, metal braces are highly durable and also offer more control over the treatment than ceramic braces. But, one of the main disadvantages of metal braces is that it leaves the taste of metal in your mouth. 

The complex process to clean: it is more difficult to clean metal braces than cleaning ceramic braces. Moreover, it is important to maintain good oral health during the orthodontic treatment process. So cleaning the metal braces is one of the most difficult tasks to do.

Metal brackets are more noticeable than ceramic braces as metal braces are made up of metals. On the other hand, ceramic braces are smaller and compact than metal braces. Therefore, metal braces are easily noticeable.

So now, both of the braces have advantages and disadvantages. A patient can choose any of the treatments by considering these pros and cons. Teeth can be aligned perfectly by using any of the methods. But, if we talk about the results, metal brackets derive better results than ceramic braces. So let us help you provide quality metal brackets. Modortho is the top manufacturer of metal brackets. Talk to us to know more. Buy metal brackets now.

Here you will get to know the difference between ceramic and metal braces. Both have unique advantages and disadvantages. So let’s find out which one is best for you. Read Now!