The Minelab Vanquish range of metal detectors are one of the most powerful and easy to use metal detectors on the market. They come in 3 models, the 340, 440 and 540. All three have the same core processing power and all three come with Minelabs’s Multi IQ Technology. 

The 340 is entry level model. It comes with a 10inch waterproof search coil, preset search modes, Coin, Jewellery and All Metal modes. It has a large LED display, collapsable shaft and also include 4 AA batteries to get you started.


The 440 has all the standard features of the 340 but has and extra search modes: Coin, Relic, Jewellery, Custom and All Metal. It also has built in Pinpoint mode and comes with wired headphones and 4 AA batteries.

The 540 is the full kit. It has a 12 inch waterproof search coil. Pinpoint mode, Backlit LED display for night and low light detecting, 4 AA rechargeable batteries and battery cahrger, wired headphones and is also bluetooth compatiable for wirelss headphones.

If you are in Australia, you can get yours HERE