Driveways are an invaluable part of your home’s curb appeal, even though it doesn’t get much attention. It is one of the first things people notice when arriving at your home. As a homeowner, you do not only want to ensure your driveway is in top condition, but reflects your taste and personality. However, there are many driveway options available on the market; from asphalt to tarmac and cobblestones to resin driveways, the market has loads of driveway possibilities with distinct set of advantages and disadvantages.

Although most homeowners are familiar with the majority of the options on the market, there is one relatively new, exciting option on the British market – the resin driveway. This durable, low maintenance, UV stable and easy-to-install driveway is quickly gaining in popularity. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about resin driveways and what it can mean for you and your home.

There are two main solutions when it comes to resin driveways: resin bonded driveways and resin bound driveways.

Resin Bonded Driveways

Resin Bonded Driveways are a product of scatter coating surfacing consisting of the resin, the aggregate and a base. In order to create the best resin driveway, the base must be free of grease, a composite or monolithic whole, and as level as possible. With a perfect base, the resin bonds seamlessly.

The resin used for driveway installations cure very quickly and are designed to handle traffic within hours. If you are seeking resin driveway ideas, in search of the right resin driveway colours or resin driveway patterns, it is always best to seek specialist advice. We work with external resin contractors who possess the skill and experience to give your driveway a makeover. They can also create your driveway to compliment your personality and immediate environment.

Resin Bound Driveways

Resin Bound Driveways have significantly increased in recent years. A unique technique is used to bind resin to decorative aggregate, producing an easy-to-install, slip resistant, durable and low maintenance driveway. This type of driveway is created by the trowelled method – a sustainable urban drainage system where the driveway will allow water to permeate through its surface into the natural ground below, preventing flooding in the process.

Features of Resin Driveways

Let us discuss some of the most important reasons why you should choose a resin driveway for your home:

·         Permeability

During the installation and laying of the resin driveway, tiny gaps are formed, allowing for the easy flow of water to through to the sub-base. A permeable resin driveway reduces flooding and water run-off.

·         Durability

Resin driveways have strong and durable surfaces that can withstand all weather conditions. Unlike driveway options like asphalt or tarmac that can give way under the summer heat, cold of the winter, or even UV light, resin is a much more stable option, as it performs very well all year round throughout some of UK’s toughest weather conditions. They come with a 10-year guarantee and can maintain high standards for 25+ years.

·         Aesthetic Appeal

Resin driveways give off a seamless finish and clean appearance that makes your home stand out. They also have very versatile designs that allow flexible creations of unique and exciting resin driveway patterns.

·         Low Maintenance

Weeds tend to grow underneath standard block-paved driveways and cause cracks around the surface. The same can affect loose-stone driveways. On the other hand, resin driveways are weed resistant due to the strong binding of the stones. This makes for a seamless experience, as it represents a significantly lower maintenance solution for your driveway and means you do not need any special resin driveway cleaner.

·         Planning Permission Not Required

Since 2008, those intending to install permeable driveways do not need to seek planning permission. This means that work can start right away if you are installing a resin driveway.

How Much Does a Resin Driveway Cost?

A number of factors can impact the resin driveway cost. Some of the most important factors include the size and layout of the driveway, the aggregate used, the size of the aggregate, and labour costs. Generally, however, the cost of resin coated driveways can range from £45 to £60 per square metre for an overlay option, and £120 to £130 for a resin driveway including a new concrete or tarmac base.

If you are thinking about resin bound driveways for your home, consider seeking the advice of professional resin driveway installers. At Your Resin Driveway, we work with external resin contractors with experience in installing resin driveways to perfection. These resin driveways Liverpool experts will be happy to discuss your dream driveway – to get the right resin driveway supplies for your home and ensure they can give your driveway a facelift.

What is the Best Time of the Year to Install a Resin Driveway?

According to resin driveway experts, it is not ideal to apply the resin material during winter months or when temperatures fall below the 5°C mark. It is best installed during warmer months, as this means it can cure within few hours. So, if you are considering installing a resin driveway, we recommend you make plans to do this in the summer months when the temperatures are higher. Spring season is also a good time to install a resin driveway.