If you are thinking of remodeling homes, modern families are searching for more efficient, cost-effective ways to enhance their living areas. When flooring is the issue there are a myriad of options and could be among the most expensive and difficult options for a renovation. Although there are numerous alternatives to choose from, including tiles, carpets, or even concrete Parquet flooring is an alternative choice that is often left unnoticed. It’s a long-lasting flooring that is simple to install and lasts for many years which makes it a cost-effective and stunning addition to every room in your home starting from the kitchen all the way to the basement. Parquet flooring can be laid on concrete, as well as existing laminate, hardwood, or ceramic tiles and is a straightforward DIY project.باركيه الماني كلاسن

Parquet flooring is a popular choice for flooring. It dates all the way to 1684, when it was replaced by marble at Versailles, France. The flooring made of marble before had to be maintained on a regular basis and the water would seep into the floor’s sub-floor supports, which caused the flooring to decay. Parquet was praised for its beauty and strength , was also less difficult to clean so its popularity rapidly spread. Parquet flooring is now available in parquet solid and parquet panelsmade of various types of wood including pine, oak mahogany, walnut, and oak. Solid parquet is made up of wood that are glued in various patterns, one of the most popular being that of the herringbone design. It’s usually about 3/8″ or five eighths” thickness and secured with glue instead of nailing, like it was done traditionally with hardwood flooring. Parquet panels are essentially veneers of hardwood that is glued on to less expensive woodlike plywood. The veneer (also known as”wear layer”) may range from 1/4″ thick and 1/16″ thick and is glued by gluing joint joints called tongues and grooves.باركيه الماني

The price of flooring made from parquet is only one of its attractive aspects. Parquet flooring is available to suit all budgets and requirements. It ranges starting at $0.99 each square foot up to over $60.00 for a square foot according to the type of parquet whether solid or veneer as well as the woods used and the size that the flooring. Solid parquet can be more expensive however, it is able to be sanded, refinished and refinished over the course of the life of the floor. However, finishing or sanding the parquet flooring can strip the finish to the lower quality wood beneath. Be cautious to prevent destroying the flooring. Medallions can also be purchased, and although they can be very expensive however, they are gorgeous works of art with no restrictions on designs. They are typically priced between $1,300 and $3,500 depending on the size and the kind of wood that are used. Medallions make use of many of the finest timbers which can significantly increase their price. Parquet flooring maintenance is simple and typically requires a mop with a damp cloth in order to maintain them at good.