A deep well drilling or a deep well is a vertical drilling that allows the capture of the underground water contained in the strata and / or fissures of a subsoil rock, this is called an aquifer. The water can be brought to ground level in a simple way with a pump, manual or motorized (well equipment ).

Deep wells and well drilling present a great diversity in their depths, volumes of water, and cost or purity of the same, which may or may not need treatment before being consumed.

Underground water wells are the main source of water supply for domestic and industrial consumption. The deep wells are built after the search for aquifers and the geological and biological analysis of the area in which they are located, to later begin drilling the soil. Currently, it is considered that the durability of a water well drilling could be approximately 20 to 40 years.

When drilling a deepwater well it is important to make the proper selection of high-quality steels. Among the most used are magnesium, silica, and sulfur, which show high resistance to corrosive effects. (Perforación De Pozos De Agua)

Being in permanent contact with water, it is necessary for the materials to be resistant to avoid that, over time, they oxidize or degrade, thus leading them to decompose and break easily.

The quality of the materials and supplies for the drilling of deepwater wells will allow the result of the work to be much more successful, achieving wells without sand and with a longer life cycle. We build water wells for all types of industries, we have well drilling equipment of different capacities

Information on permitting procedures before Conagua for the drilling of water wells