Helping your child during corona times is a must, it deals with the many emotions they may be experiencing now. COVID-19 disease brings with feelings like anxiety, stress, and uncertainty which is felt especially by children of all ages. During COVID-19 your child might be facing with school closures, cancelled events or separation from friends. They must be given full support, love and affection from the family end.

Few proactive measures to be considered during Coronavirus Times:

  1. Stay calm and proactive – Being calm and proactive at the time of corona is the first priority of the parents. They should be conversating in a polite and calm manner. In this way, they will keep themselves healthy and active. The most important role parents should play is to encourage their kids if they are not feeling well or they are feeling worried about the virus.
  2. Stick to a proper routine – All your children need is a proper and structural diet. Include their playtime where they can get connected to their friends. It will however give them a sense of relief to your kids to have a sense of the predictable day. If parents are not able to supervise their children during the day then ask the caretaker to create a structure that works well.
  3. Let your kids enjoy and feel their emotions – During the time of pandemic love, support is all that your kids need. Be normalized when they are very sad and frustrated about the losses they are mourning.

Simply find and know what exactly your kids want in terms of getting them on the right track.  

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