Just like Bingo and Poker in the US, Satta King is a major game of gambling played all over India. Every person intending to make bonuses like winning the lottery is secretly gambling in India. The best part about Satta King is the variant games played every day and the high winning amount. Satta King has a really old history which has made its way all these years among people looking for some excitement in their lives. Buying tickets and playing the lottery is similar to Sattaking even though this game is played in closed doors. Now the games are played offline and online, but guessing the results and live results of each game are available in different websites and channels in major applications like Telegram and WhatsApp. One of the best websites giving out the fastest results Daily Major Satta King Games Few Satta King games is played every day with some games for all over India while some are specific for a place. Gali Satta King, Faridabad Satta King, Ghaziabad Satta King are location-based Satta King games and Desawar Satta King is the one for the whole country. Among them, Desawar Satta King is the favourite among people in different regions of India. The games are named differently based on the places where it is played and the time each of the game each day. The time differs but the game goes on the whole day where all the Satta results are listed as charts in the Black satta websites.

There is a specific time limit to which bets can be placed after which the game is played and results are declared. Results of Desawar Satta King game gets declared at 5:15 AM which is played all around the country. There are other games like Faizabad, Ghaziabad and Hapur Satta King whose results are declared at 8:30 PM. The last game played is Gali Satta King whose result is declared as the last of the day at 11:05 PM. Every single game is played in the same manner. Just the timings are different but returns after win remain the same which are listed as Satta King chart result. It is easier to get the bets placed now that the process is online. The website